Mbappé New Club Odds Show He is Leaving PSG

  • Real Madrid open their arms for Mbappé
  • Other teams cannot compete with the Merengues
Mbappé new club odds
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Mbappé new club odds indicate that this is almost a one-horse race as the French talent looks to join his dream team. Ever since his Monaco days, Mbappe has drawn the attention of the biggest clubs of Europe. PSG was able to steal him away from the other teams. However, the French club is struggling to keep him within its squad. Mbappe seems to have set his sights on one team only, and it is not a surprise.

Mbappe’s Best Chance to Play for his Dream Team

Mbappé new club odds
Mbappé – Антон Зайцев, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

It is not a secret to the public that Kylian Mbappé’s dream is to play for Real Madrid. Therefore, ever since the talented striker was playing at Monaco, Real Madrid has shown significant interest in signing him up. However, at the time, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale, and Benzema were leading the attacking lineup, so there was no place for the young talent. As a result, Mbappe chose to play for PSG in order to gain more experience before making his dream move. It seems that the moment has arrived with Madrid still searching for their next Galactico. This is the perfect time for both sides. Additionally, with French legend Zinedine Zidane managing the team, things will much easier for Mbappe. As a result, online sportsbook sites in France have Real Madrid open as huge favorites in their Mbappé new club odds. For instance, betting odds at 1xBET Sportsbook for the French striker to join Madrid are 1.925.

Mbappé New Club Odds Show Little Hope for Other Teams

With the current situation, it is difficult imagining Mbappe playing for any club other than PSG or Real Madrid. However, several teams are trying to lure the talented striker into their squads. For instance, Liverpool has shown on several occasions their interest. Additionally, they are one of the very few teams that can afford the huge transfer fee to recruit him. However, it seems that money will not sway Mbappe from joining his dream team. As a result, The Reds open up at 1xBET Sportsbook as the second favorite but far away from Madrid with odds equal to 7.00. In addition to Liverpool, both Manchester sides have attempted to get in contact with the French player. However, Mbappé’s new club odds indicate there is little hope for them as their betting odds equal to 21.00 and 26.00. Therefore, your safest option to bet on is Real Madrid as all signs are in their favor.

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