MCU Spider-man Predictions for Everyone’s Friendly Neighborhood Superhero

  • Odds for Spider-man to survive in the MCU until 2021 at 1.05
  • Tom Holland to say farewell to Spider-man before 2021: 7.80
MCU Spider-man Predictions
Will Peter Parker die in the MCU? Image source: pxhere

Spider-man has been previously snapped out of existence by Thanos. Luckily for him, Tony Stark did not give up. However unfortunate it may be for the Iron man, Tom Holland continues to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. MCU spider-man predictions state the future of this superhero in the Spiderverse. The question is, when will the clock run-out on Spider-man’s time in MCU?

Earlier this year, with the release of Avengers Endgame, we saw the return of our favorite web-slinger. Endgame is in lead after overhauling Avatar and earning a whopping 2.8 billion at the box office. Far From Home is the latest spiderverse movie set in post-endgame time. Spider-man successfully managed to stay alive by the end of this movie.

MCU spider-man predictions: No Mr. Stark in the MCU anymore

Soon after Endgame’s release, Sony gave a statement marking the end of the Spider-man franchise. The news hit the fans in a rather harsh way who went on to protest on social media. However, the prompt dismissal of the decision suggests Marvel will be back with the third spider-man movie, starring Tom Holland.

MCU Spider-man Predictions
Peter Parker is the new Tony Stark. Image source: Cristian Bortes / bortescristian [CC BY 2.0] / Wikimedia Commons
This metaphorical death could have been equally devasting for the fans, who are not yet ready to let go of the friendly neighborhood spider-man. The Spider-man franchise is enormously popular at online gambling sites in the US. 1xBET has a number of bets going predicting the future of the wall-crawler.

MCU spider-man predictions: Peter Parker already died in one Spiderverse

It may come as no surprise to fans, especially after Avengers Endgame, that superheroes can die as well. The death of Iron man and Black widow trumps the immortal theory regarding superheroes. Talking of heroes succumbing to the realistic ways of life, Spider-man has been dead in one of the recent movies.

Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse depicts multiple spider-men/women/pig. Kingpin as the featuring villian kills the all-rounder Peter Paker and tries to open portals to multiple Universes. Online sportsbooks in the US suggests this could be one of the deaths of the superhero in the Spiderverse. 

1xBet reviews the MCU spider-man predictions and lists down odds as follows:

  • Spider-man will die in one of the Marvel films – Yes | 7.80
  • Spider-man will die in one of the Marvel films – No | 1.05

Tom Holland is due to appear in the third sequel of the franchise before 2020 ends. Fingers crossed.

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