Meet One of The Future Goalkeeper Stars: Augusto Batalla

Augusto Batalla Real Madrid Move

Augusto Batalla is considered to be the most likely candidate to become one of the brightest future goalkeeper stars in a few years. However, he has a long way to go till then.

Online betting news in Argentina keep reporting about Augusto Batalla as someone who will join the group of the shiniest future goalkeeper stars. He is a great team leader with terrific reflexes and at the young age of only 20, he is already, he is already number one goalkeeper for the adult team of River Plate.

Who is Augusto Batalla?

Having been born in 1996, he still just ended his teenager years and is already a professional football player. He is, without a doubt, one of the most talented young goalkeepers in Argentina, probably even the best one out of all of them. River Plate’s talented goalkeeper is likely to make a move to a top European football club in the near future. However, it is still not known which club he would and should choose. Many link him with a move to Real Madrid, but is that actually going to happen?

Real Madrid move for Batalla on the horizont?

One of the most talented young goalkeepers did not avoid the eyes of Real Madrid either. They were reported to have made a deal with the Argentine club to sign sign him on a loan for Real Madrid Castilla. Despite the fact that the deal never happened Batalla is still on the wishlist of Zinedine Zidane as they are in search or the replacement for Keylor Navas. Online sportsbooks believe Batalla could be the one in only a few years. We’ll see…

Once we mentioned that, we also need to add that Real Madrid had an agreement with River Plate to sign the future goalkeeper star in 2015. However, the Argentine football talent refused the offer because he felt like staying at River Plate will help him improve more as a professional football player. Was that a good decision or should he have joined the Champions League winner side as soon as he had the chance? Only time will tell…

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