Minneapolis Airport Wants To Sell Lotto Tickets on iPads

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St. Paul’s airport in Minneapolis is looking into the opportunity to introduce gambling on the already running 2,500 iPads in the airport.

Currently, the iPads are used by passengers to check the status of their flights, order various food and beverages, and browsing the web in general.

The innovative idea proposed by OTG Management, which is the company that runs the iPad services, might be put forward for voting next month. In addition to all potential procedures, the Metropolitan Airports Commission also needs to make sure that this initiative complies fully with the US gambling laws.

Different lottery tickets will be offered in the airport

Now that online casinos in the US are allowed in three states, the St. Paul’s airport will try to sell online lottery tickets and scratch-offs, which are already available for buying at the airport in their paper version.

Recent reports show that around half of the current lottery sales at the airport are made by people who actually work there. Moreover, it appears that larger amount of state lottery tickets are sold at the airport than at any other place in the whole Minnesota state.

The airport had another gambling related initiative in 2013 which was the introducing of electronic pull-tabs at the bars on the airport premises, inspired by the overall expansion of gambling in the country.

The major reason for this move of the airport administration was to collect money for the construction of a new NLF stadium of the Minnesota Vikings, which so far is not as successful as expected.

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