Miss Universe from India – Get to Know Her!

  • The Miss Universe contestant from India in 2021 is Adline Castelino
  • How did she get to the Miss Universe pageant?
  • What is she doing and where is she going with her life after the contest?
Miss Universe from India

They already crowned this year’s Miss Universe: the winner is Andrea Meza from Mexico. So, this year, she is the most beautiful woman on earth. However, the Miss Universe contestant, Adline Quadros Castelino from India, who ended up in the top 5, also left a huge impact on the crowd and the judges. Not just because of her looks, but also her thoughtful and soulful answers.

Every year, the Miss Universe contest is a huge thing! It is important because of the long history, the traditions, for the business, for people, who love to see smart and beautiful women. Of course, some opponents claim that beauty contests are unhealthy. They say that these pageants help to keep up practices that objectify women and only focus on how they look, giving a bad example for future generations. But today, it is all about much more than appearances! These intelligent women keep proving that from year to year. This year, it was especially Adline Castelino from India, who enchanted the Miss Universe judges, and the whole world with her sensible thoughts. But what do we know about the 3rd runner-up of this year’s Miss Universe?

Miss Universe 2020

The Miss Universe competition in 2021 is the 69th in the row. The pageant was supposed to be in May 2020, but due to the pandemic, they postponed it to his year. And on March 3rd, 2021, they announced that it will be held on May 16, 2021. And so they did! Just like every year, the most beautiful women on earth gathered together, watched by the world. The event was at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. There were contestants from 74 countries and territories of the world. The hosts were Mario Lopez and Olivia Culpo – previous winners.

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Last year’s winner, Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa, crowned the successor. That turned out to be the Mexican contestant, Andrea Meza. The runner-up is Miss Brazil Julia Gama, the second runner-up is Miss Peru, Janick Maceta Del Castillo. In the top five, there was Kimberly Jiménez Rodríguez from the Dominican Republic and Adline Costelino from India. And she is the one Miss Universe contestant that is going to be introduced to you.

Miss Universe from India – Who is she?

Miss Universe from India
Miss Universe India 2019 – Bollywood Hungama, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Adline Castelino, the Miss Universe runner-up from India is 22 years old. She originates from Kuwait, but at a young age, she moved to Udupi in Karnataka. In her country, she is a model: you could have seen her everywhere from magazine covers to runways and digital campaigns. She has also been the face of some major fashion brands.

But she is also onto some very important non-profit work. Despite her age, she is constantly working on making the world better around her – and also on the bigger scale. She is an ambassador for Smile Train. It is a nonprofit organization and charity in the United States, that is providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates. Besides, she is the face of the PCOS Free India Campaign. It is an initiative in India, taken by FolkFitness. They aim to educate and empower women with PCOS. They offer 30-day Holistic Wellness Practices to reverse the condition naturally. She is also working on ending the stigma around COVID-19. And if it is not enough, she is also collaborating with SHENA. It is an organization that provides affordable healthcare to women. And also, her wish was to represent India on a global platform, like the Miss Universe competition.

How did she get to Miss Universe from India?

As mentioned above, she has been an important part of the fashion industry in her country. That meaning: her beauty did not stay unrecognized. Also, she won Miss Diva 2020 and by that, she became India’s representative at Miss Universe this year. The official Twitter account of Miss Diva even congratulated her on her success of becoming the 3rdrunner up. “3rd Runner-Up for India at Miss Universe…Congratulations Adline Castelino. You have made us immensely proud! Your resilience, determination, and grace shined throughout the competition, and the hard work you’ve put in your journey reflected in you this night! We are proud of you.”

Adline Castelino at Miss Universe

Miss Universe from India
File:Namita Shetty training for Miss Universe India at The Tiara Pageant Training Studio – t-s-ias, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Throughout the pageant Adline was keeping her fans, the well-wishers updated thanks to her social media accounts. She always posted videos and pictures about how she is doing, and sometimes she penned heartfelt notes to them. Her outstanding beauty was obvious from the start for the judges, for the other contestants, and basically for the whole world. But she also had several standout moments. One of those was when she wore a stunning saree for the National Costume round, inspired by their national flower, lotus. She said that she loves the costume because it “embodies the true essence of a woman”. Also, “it does not judge class or caste”, and the lotus symbolizes knowledge and spirituality. So, the dress was a well-thought-of choice.

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The Miss Universe competitor from India really did call the attention with her well-rounded, thorough answer for this question: “Should countries lockdown due to COVID-19 despite the strain on their economies, or should they open their borders and risk a potential increase in infection rates?” And so she responded: “Good evening, universe. Well, coming from India and witnessing what India is experiencing right now, I have realized something very important that nothing is more important than the health of your loved ones. And you have to draw a balance between economy and health. And that can only be done when the government works with the people hand in hand and produces something that will work with the economy. Thank you.”

Planning the future

The Miss Universe runner-up from India has always had a dream: to become a financially independent woman. And so she did! Right now, her goal is to inspire younger girls all around the world. In her interview on Pinkvilla, she said that she would like to encourage girls to go beyond labels, and also to support each other. She stated: “We have progressed in a lot of areas but a lot is left when it comes to women and giving them that kind of status and equitable rights. As a woman, it is not only important for me and you can make it, it is also important to make room for other women to come in and achieve.” Which is such a beautiful and pure thought to have!

When it comes to her professional life, she wishes to bring the topics she is invested in, closer to global recognition. She was also asked if she had any intention of becoming an actress – just like many beauty queens did before. And her answer was not a big surprise: “I have always been an adventurous person, open to trying every aspect of my personality in every opportunity that comes my way. So, of course, I wouldn’t mind it (acting) but I also aspire to venture into business since I am a business graduate, and my passion lies there too. So let’s see what the future has in store for me.” That is to say, she is interested in several different areas of life. Making it obvious, that we will be able to see a lot more from her than we already did. And what about future pageants? See odds on 22Bet Sportsbook!

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