MMA vs. Football Betting: Which One Offers Better Odds?

betting on MMA and football

In this article we break down the differences in MMA vs. football betting, examining which one offers better odds.

Betting on sports is one of the most exciting ways to get invested into a match. There’s nothing better than wagering on your favorite team or fighter and cashing out at the end. Both MMA and football betting has grown extremely popular over the years, but which one offers better odds? Let’s take a look.

Betting on MMA

You’ll often time hear two different schools of thought when it comes to betting on MMA. On one hand, it can be extremely difficult as there are tons of different ways to win, and the match can end with a single punch. On the other hand, MMA matches only involve two athletes, meaning you don’t need to factor in how an entire team may perform.

In terms of MMA betting odds, there is a lot to consider. When a fighter is listed as a betting favorite, there’s usually a good reason. Unlike boxing, it’s rare to see a fighter enter the cage with lower odds than 5/1, although occasionally it does happen. One notable occasion was the bout between Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping.

Rockhold Bisping UFC

Micheal Bisping shocked the world with an upset KO victory over Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 (photo:

Bisping entered the cage as a massive 7/1 underdog, but managed to make UK gambling news by winning with a first round KO. That’s what makes the MMA vs. football betting so interesting. A massive underdog like Bisping can end the match with a single punch.

As we said before, MMA betting odds in 2017 rarely reach above 5/1, but sometime they do, and when they happens you have a great opportunity to cash out. Some notable fights you can bet on right now with NetBet Sportsbook are Demetrious Johnson 1/9 vs. Wilson Reis 17/4. Another great MMA fight to bet on is Cub Swanson 4/23 vs. Artem Lobov 16/5.

Betting on Football

Premier League outright betting

  • Chelsea: 1/20
  • Tottenham: 22/1
  • Man City: 25/1
  • Man Utd: 125/1
  • Liverpool: 150/1

Football betting is very different for a number of reasons. As we mentioned before, betting on football means betting on an entire teams performance, which can require significantly more research. MMA vs. football betting is also different when it comes to the betting odds.

In MMA, fighters are only matched up when their skills are seen to be at least relatively similar. In football however, teams with vastly different skill levels can play on a regular basis. Take the upcoming game between Chelsea and Crystal Palace for example. NetBet Sportsbook lists Chelsea’s odds to beat Crystal Palace at 1/4. Crystal Palace’s odds to beat Chelsea are at a staggering 11/1.

Crystal Palace Chelsea

Chelsea and Crystal Palace will play each other on April 1st (photo:

Massive betting odds differences are not uncommon in football. Of course, when a team is heavily favored to win, they likely will, but upset victories do occur. As one of the best online sportsbooks in the UK, NetBet already lists all the betting odds for the 2017 Premier League.

A few great Premier League bets to make in 2017 is a wager on Leicester 20/21 vs. Stoke City 3/1, and Arsenal 2/1 vs. Man City 13/10. Want to go with an underdog? Consider betting on West Ham to beat Arsenal, as they are a huge long shot with odds of 7/1.

There is a lot to consider when comparing MMA vs. football betting. MMA generally has the less drastic odds differences but can sometimes be easier to predict, while football bets can offer huge odds discrepancies though an entire teams performance must be taken into account.

What do you think is better between MMA vs. football betting? Are you planning to bet on any fights or Premier League matches in the future? Tell us in the comment section below, and make sure to check out NetBet Sportsbook for a full list of 2017 sports betting odds.

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