Moldova Mulls Banning Minors from Casinos

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Minors are currently free to gamble in casinos. However, the current government is looking to change that.

The post-Soviet state of Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and has one of the continent’s least-regulated gambling markets. Young people gamble in large numbers as there are no laws or regulatory mechanisms to keep them out of casinos. However, official reports show that this may be about to change.

The government is wising up to the social problems caused by laissez-faire Moldovan gambling laws and is considering tightening the rules. A statement from parliamentarian Liliana Palohovici read:

Gambling is considered to have a negative impact on children. Information inviting children to participate in gambling or other games that give the impression of easy gain may also have unintended consequences. By establishing this provision, the legislator will determine the harmfulness of gambling on minors.

Violators would be fined

If legislation goes through casinos are Moldovan poker rooms which admit those under age 18 would be subject to fines up to 9,000 lei ($683), and individuals taking wagers from minors would be fined up to 2,400 ($182) lei.

Most readers would find it strange that minors are not already barred from entering casinos. In Moldova, however, the state is poorly funded and lacks the capacity to regulate most industries.

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