Montana Casino Bandit Pleads Guilty

  • Following in the steps of his dad
  • Looking at 40 years inside
  • Maybe trying to rob a casino with a purfume bottle might need a re-think

A meth-head Montana casino bandit pleads guilty to attempted robbery. The man from the City of Belgrade, pleaded guilty to felony robbery and arson on Tuesday. Apparently he was following in his father’s footsteps.

Introduction: Montana Casino Bandit Pleads Guilty

Jacob Burritt, aged 28 years, entered the Magic Diamond Casino in Bozeman on April 27th 2019. He was determined to rob the local casino, and to that end, was brandishing explosives. These turned out to be fake. Oh…and he was high on Methamphetamine. And in a mask. As you do in such situations! Should of stuck with playing online at the Slotland Casino. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that Burritt had lighted the wick protruding from on open bottle of cologne. This was so that it resembled a Molotov Cocktail. He’s definitely going places.

Relax, it’s Montana

As nothing of consequence ever happens in the State of Montana, you can imagine that the poor staff were terrified. But not that terrified as they refused his demands for cash. To make a point, he hurled the bottle at the front desk like a boss, causing a small fire. The casino says this caused $1,500 worth of damage. I think they rounded the figure upwards. No one suffered anything other than a case of mild surprise. But the main commercial drag of Bozeman was shutdown for most of the day, to add some more drama to a fading media event. Even the Lewis and Clark County Bomb Squad (who ever knew such a crew even existed?) got in on the act. They did nothing….but could use the term, “we neutralized the area.” Hurrah for them!

Stay Away From Meth

In this epic tale of daring-do, before attempting the robbery, our brave but high suspect, thought he would create a diversion. To that end he approached the staff at a local Petco store. He cleverly told them that a shooting had just occurred at the local mall and asked them to dial 911. Sounds like a solid plan. But one best executed without the effects of meth to cloud one’s judgement. Several hours after the failed endeavor, police tracked him down. Through the power of chat, as opposed to the power of the gun, they persuaded him to surrender. Later some meth was found in his car. Now he’ll never get to smoke it.

Going Away For a Long Time

According to online casino news in the US, initially, Burritt was charged with everything they could find in the legal manual. These included, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of explosives, arson and robbery. But, as often happens at a local level, these charges were reduced with the promises of a plea deal. Still, prosecutors are fishing for at least 40 years in prison, with 15 years suspended (like that makes any real difference!). He’ll be in court for sentencing on March 17th this year.

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Daddy, Is 50 Years a Long Time?                                             Photo: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Dad Issues

His long suffering ex-wife told the court that her husband, “wanted to rob a casino in a similar fashion as his father had robbed a casino – by creating a diversion nearby the casino and then committing the robbery.” The father, Michael Howard Burritt tried to carjack a woman in the car park of the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, California. No word on whether he was high. Apparently he held a knife to the woman’s throat and ordered her to drive. A woman driver….you can tell this will not end well. Being as incompetent as his own son, she was able to open the drivers door and call for help. He then fled the scene.

Conclusion: Montana Casino Bandit Pleads Guilty

Later caught, he was charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, carjacking and armed robbery. The woman is still dining out on the story. I guess the son just wanted to spend time with his dad. Now they both can have lots of time together. Outside of the mega tribal casinos, most establishments in Montana are relatively small affairs. They tend to be road side bars and taverns. There are a number of casino games available, such as sports tab games. live card games and video gambling machines. The State has a population of just over 1 million. And for them there are around 1,400 casinos with a proper lisence. The last robbery of any worth was in 2018. Duane Burchill received 50 years for robbing the Magic Diamond Casino in Bozeman twice in one week. Again, no word on whether meth played a part.

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