Trump Homeland Security Picks: From The Waterboarding To Deporting

  • Trump wants to strengthen security in the country by all means
  • According to Trump, waterboarding is a relatively mild method of obtaining information
  • Alcatraz is waiting for its reopening
  • Mo Farah, Madonna, and Michael Moore may become Trump homeland security picks
Trump homeland security picks
Donald Trump – Image via Flickr

The US President Donald Trump began to strengthen security in the country immediately after winning the elections in 2017. Now he is convinced that he will go for a second term and continue to fulfill his duties. But which new measures to strengthen US security is Donald Trump ready to implement? And what is hidden behind the “enhanced interrogation techniques”? Online gambling sites in the US have already started offering bets on Trump homeland security picks. 

Trump wants the waterboarding back

The use of waterboarding was banned in the United States shortly after Barack Obama became the president. However, since then Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants to return this “enhanced interrogation technique”. This torture gives the impression that a person is drowning. According to Trump, this is a relatively mild method of obtaining information. “I would like to return this practice,” the politician said. “In Iraq and Syria they (terrorists) do not use waterboarding, they just chop off people’s heads.”

However, Trump hasn’t been able to legalize this type of torture yet. A lot of Americans believe that he will return to this issue if he stays for a second term. The US president admitted that if he wins the election, he might allow his special services to use waterboarding against terrorists. Thus, torture with water as one of Trump homeland security picks has 8.0 odds on the 1xBET gambling site.

Trump Homeland Security Picks: No one will escape from Alcatraz

After the 2015 Clinton Correctional Facility escape took place a lot of Americans became worried about the safety of state prisons. Two inmates, Richard Matt and David Sweat were discovered missing during a bed check at the maximum-security Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York. Matt and Sweat were serving life without parole for murders. However, the two prisoners had dug a tunnel out of the prison. And only three weeks after the escape they found them. Moreover, the manhunt and investigation cost about $23 million to the government.

Trump homeland security picks
Donald Trump – Image via Flickr

Following the escape of Sweat and Matt from Clinton Correctional, Americans felt that they need more prisons that cannot be broken out of. Like Alcatraz, which may have been the most secure prison in the world. However, they closed it in 1963. Due to Alcatraz’s legacy of having only one breakout during its 29 years of operation, some people want it to be reopened. And they are waiting for Trump to do it. The Alcatraz reopened as a working prison has 15.0 odds on the 1xBET.

Who will Trump deport next?

A British distance runner and four-time Olympic champion, Mo Farah, made a statement in connection with one of the decisions of the US President. In 2017, Donald Trump imposed a temporary ban on entry into the country of refugees and migrants from seven Muslim countries. And this list includes Somalia, where Mo Farah comes from. “On January 1 of 2017, Her Majesty the Queen knighted me. On January 27, President Donald Trump seemed to make me an outcast,” the athlete said.

Now, Mo Farah lives with his family in the USA. However, the 1xBET offers 51.0 odds for Trump to deport him from the country. According to bookmakers, Madonna and Michael Moore are also risking to become one of Trump homeland security picks. Anyway, Donald has to win this year’s election first to implement all his plans. And while we are waiting for this to happen, check the latest odds on the 1xBET gambling site. Make your bet and win before Trump does!

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