Most Exciting Soccer Bets For Risk-Takers


Posted: January 3, 2023

Updated: January 3, 2023

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Ever since sports appeared, there have been sports betting. In fact, it’s a great opportunity for those who love sports and those who prefer the more predictable gambling games. In addition to that, betting is easy and convenient nowadays. The majority of online bettors predict the final results of football matches, but there are more exciting soccer bets beyond that. Let’s see what other strategies you can use to make thrilling bets!

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Most Popular Soccer Betting Markets

The majority usually bet on the outcome of the matches because, in the not-so-distant past, this type was almost the only bet. So, basically, this is a traditional form. Fortunately, today, thanks to online betting, we have many options to choose from. If it gives you great pleasure to sit at a football match and support your favorite team on an emotional level, imagine the excitement of placing a bet beforehand. 

The final result bets are mostly for those who like the rush of betting but still want some predictability during the matches. However, this is only one of many ways to win. Below are some strategies worth considering. For example, in the case of football matches, there are several options for betting on a goal. At 22Bet Sportsbook, you can find the odds of the following soccer markets.

Bettors can guess exactly how many goals will be scored in the given match or the first or second half. Another popular type is wagering on a goal in the first minutes of the game. The Over/Under bets come next, where you place a bet on whether the number of goals will stay below or exceed a given number. Probably the most simple wager is whether or not both teams will score.

Most Exciting Soccer Bets

However, there is a fine line between placing exciting and reckless. It is not advisable to just jump into it blindly. For example, it is better to choose a league with a high goal average. The relatively high goal average is around 2.5 goals.

most exciting soccer bets
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Some players produce a very high goal average per se, and it is logical to choose their teams. Another thing that should be taken into account when placing a specific bet is the current conditions of your chosen team.

The overall goal ratio is in vain if their best player is injured or there has been a change in the composition of the team. So, it would be a good idea to follow the players on social media platforms for inside information. Of course, it matters which teams are playing because even if a team has a high goal ratio, having a better opponent, they will most likely give a weaker performance. If you bet that both teams will score, this has less significance.

Let’s also take into account that it is not enough to know how the star teams play because it matters which league they are playing in. As is known, in the matches of the less important leagues, the star teams have a “B” team, so they rest their star players. In this case, the odds and favorites can change, and bettors can lose their money easily. Always know the difference between risk-taking and unnecessary risk-taking!

Live Betting Options for Risk-Takers!

Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most exciting form of betting. On several online betting sites, you can place live bets, and in many cases, they even broadcast the given match live. This is very practical because you don’t have to watch the TV, or your phone or browse online sports betting sites for a live stream.

most exciting soccer bets
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Everything is available in one place, like 22Bet SportsbookOnline gambling sites in the UK summarize at which online bookmakers you can bet live online. It also discusses the differences between the individual pages.

Live betting is also beneficial because they offer many options besides the final result wager. However, it requires some preparation. It doesn’t hurt if you can think systematically and don’t shy away from numbers. In many ways, it is much safer than traditional betting because if for some reason, the given team does not perform as you expected, you can easily modify your betting parameters in the meantime. It is always advisable to prepare in advance, to know what you want to do if unexpected things occur. The faster you can react, the more chance you have of winning. 

If you see even the slightest sign of change in the predicted outcome of the given match, you should immediately try to rectify the situation and change the bet. This way, you have an advantage before the odds change. This is the secret of it all. Of course, you can not only bet on football live, in fact, but the range of sports included in the category is also quite wide. On the best sites, you can follow several sports events in parallel and place your bets. However, for this, you really need to be very experienced. 22Bet Sportsbook lists the top betting options and live broadcasts in each sport!

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Double the Money with the Most Exciting Soccer Bets!

First of all, clarify what the DNB, draw no bet, wagering method is all about. People usually don’t bet on a draw, even though the chances of a tie are higher than you might think. At the end of a match, where the two teams have very similar conditions, a draw will have higher odds. Online gambling sites in the UK show that in the English football championships, 20-25% of the matches end in a draw in general. So, how does this strategy work? 

You start by selecting a team that did not have a draw in the last few games. After that, all you have to do is to bet on a tie of the given team. However, not just anyway. If you want to place the most exciting soccer bet, double the bet. Also, keep doing that until winning a prize. As soon as the plan works, go back to your original bet. It’s not that complicated, is it? In a nutshell, if your guess works on your first try, you’ve done a great job! 

Then, go back to the start with a slightly thicker wallet. If the guess doesn’t work at first, you double the bet. So on and so forth. As soon as it works out, enjoy your prize! It’s that simple. Online sports betting still has a lot of surprises and options in store for bettors. The most exciting soccer bets await you if you enjoy chewing your nails in your excitement or if a soccer match keeps you on the edge of your seat. Feel free to check out our soccer betting guide and take your chances. It will be worth it sooner or later!

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