Most Famous Sports Trophies

  • The winners of the biggest sporting events often receive iconic trophies
  • The Stanley Cup is one of the most famous one
  • One of the oldest sports trophies is the Wimbledon Championship Trophy
most famous sports trophies

Some of the best golf players in the world were competing in this year’s Ryder Cup which is one of the most prestigious tournaments. But we can find similar events in other sports as well from tennis to football.  Where the winners also receive world-known trophies. Surely you have already heard about the Stanley Cup or the FIFA World Cup which also belong to the most famous sports trophies. Let’s see the most popular ones below. 

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While individual athletes usually fight for the gold medal in major competitions, members of different teams often receive a nice cup as well in case of winning. This is the case in football where winners of the local and international cups also get a trophy. Which they can keep for a year unless it is given to them for good. In most sports, though the winners only receive the replicas of these special trophies. Which still gives extra prestige to their holders. Let’s see the most iconic ones now.

1. The Stanley Cup is One of the Most Famous Sports Trophies

Even if you’re not a big fan of ice hockey, you must have heard about the Stanley Cup which is given to the winner of the National Hockey League. It is the oldest trophy still given to a professional franchise in North America. After the first one was awarded to the Montreal Hockey Club in 1893. The cup is really special, as it contains the names of every winning player and coach on its body in added bands. Making it now an 89,54 cm high and 15,5kg heavy trophy.

most famous sports trophies
Picture Source: Flickr

The Stanley Cup was named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor-General of Canada. Who donated the cup to Canada’s best amateur ice hockey team. It became the championship trophy of the NHL in 1926. With the Montreal Canadians winning it the most times, on 24 occasions. The Detroit Red Wings have won it 11 times and hold the record of most wins within the US-based teams. While the Tampa Bay Lightning are the defending champions and the biggest favorites in the new season according to online sportsbooks in the US. 

2. The FIFA World Cup Trophy, What Every Footballer is Aiming for

The biggest trophy that any nation can win in football is the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Unlike the domestic cups, teams only have a chance every four years to win it, making it even more special. The trophy we know now, the golden globe held by two human figures was awarded first in 1974. After the original trophy was awarded to Brazil for good. It was called the Jules Rimet Trophy named after a former FIFA president. And it depicted Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. But after Brazil had won the cup three times, the trophy was given to them permanently. Sadly this cup was stolen in 1983 and hasn’t been recovered ever since.

most famous sports trophies
Picture Source: PxFuel

The current trophy is made of 18-carat gold and was designed by Italian Silvio Gazzaniga. The names of the winners are also engraved on the cup which is one of the most famous sports trophies. Brazil has won it the most times thanks to its five victories. But France is the defending champions. The next 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar where both teams will be in the top favorites again.

3. The Heisman Trophy – Special Outlook Awarding the Best College Players

In American football, we can find a very unique trophy awarded to the most outstanding college football player every year, the Heisman Trophy. It’s named after John Heisman, the director of the Downtown Athletic club which created the award in 1935. So, what makes this trophy special is its look picturing a player in a unique pose. The cast is made of bronze and is given to the best player every December.

In the former winners of the Heisman Trophy, we can find future NFL stars like Archie Griffin, Herschel Walker, and Barry Sanders. DeVonta Smith from the University of Alabama won the trophy last season playing now for the Philadelphia Eagles. Online gambling sites in the US mention another Alabama player, Bryce Young as a top favorite for winning this year’s award.

4. The Wimbledon Championship Trophy – The Most Iconic Cup in Tennis

We can find several famous sports trophies in individual sports as well. Like the Wimbledon Championship Trophy in tennis. The winner of the most famous Grand Slam tournament receives this beautiful trophy which is also one of the oldest sports trophies in the world. The first was given in 1887 and has the inscription: “All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World”.

most famous sports trophies
Picture Source: Flickr

So, the silver-gilt cup is around 47 cm in height and 19 cm in diameter. It also includes the names of former winners from Novak Djokovic to John McEnroe. But the champions only receive the replicas of the original trophy. The champions of the Ladies’ Singles also get a special trophy, the Venus Rosewater Dish. Which is a sterling silver salver also having the names of the previous winners on it.

5. The Ryder Cup Trophy – Golf’s Most Prestigious Trophy

In golf, probably the most famous award is the Ryder Cup trophy. Which is named after an English businessman, Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy in 1927. It is given to the winner of the biennial competition between the European and US teams. The golden cup has a similar size to the FIFA World Cup trophy, featuring a golfer on the top. The original Ryder Cup trophy is held at the headquarters of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, with the winners receiving a replica of it. On its wooden base, all Ryder Cup results are engraved. Including now the latest one, with the US team winning 19-9 against Europe. If you like golf, you can read more about the best Ryder Cup moments in our previous article here. 

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