The Most Iconic Moments in NBA of All Times

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  • Most Iconic Moments in NBA
Most Iconic Moments in NBA
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The NBA is the greatest basketball championship. Everyone has heard about it at least once before. If you are looking for sports to place your bets on, and you are not that engaged with the NBA, this article was made for you! We collected the most iconic moments in NBA.

What makes a moment iconic?

Basketball is a game where accepting loss is not an option. These insane plays were turning complete lost matches into the most iconic wins of sports history. Most of them are unbelievable even in hindsight. No wonder why Online sportsbook sites in the US opened up gambling possibilities. Because betting on the NBA is the most exciting thing to do, ever since LeBron’s legendary play in 2016. Therefore, let’s check the most iconic moments in NBA.

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Ray Allen saving Heat vs. Spurs with a bang

During the 2016 finals, Miami Heat faced the San Antonio Spurs. Miami Heat was about to lose so badly, many of the fans left the arena under the impression that the games are over. But oh boy were they wrong. Because in the last moment of the losing match, Ray Allen was cornered by the Spurs. According to Ray Allen himself, at that moment he was not controlling his own body. He explained to Thelastchip. His body was controlling him as he pulled his next throw out of muscle memory. And he did it smoothly. Scoring a perfect Three-pointer, sending the game overtime. During the overtime, the Heat won and they won game 7 as well, taking the champion title for the second time.

Kobe and Shaq steamrolling the matches

Everyone has heard the name of Kobe or Shaq at least once before. But those not watching the NBA, could not understand just how iconic their duo is. Both of them are beyond attentive and focused. Kobe dashes through the enemy team as if they weren’t even there. While Shaq is waiting for the ball to be passed down, only for him to catch and perfectly dunk it right into the loop. Because of moments like these, their domination over the field has always been unquestionable. A duo worthy to be in the most iconic moments in NBA.

Most Iconic Moments in NBA
Michael Jordan is also an Iconic NBA player

LeBron’s winning the most iconic moments in NBA

In 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers were making a legendary comeback against the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State Warriors were the MVP of that time, with 73 wins in their season. The Cleveland Cavaliers were losing, with only three minutes remaining from the game. Until LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, both scored 41 points in the game. LeBron ran up against the opponent, and blocked the final shot, passing the ball down to Kyrie who then scored a perfect shot. This legendary moment elevated both the Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA to the fame they are enjoying today. Follow the most iconic moments in NBA as they are unfolding today.

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