The Best Lotteries in Hungary Today


Posted: December 13, 2021

Updated: December 13, 2021

  • Take a look at the best lotteries in Hungary today
  • Various options and great jackpots for players
Image source: FOTO:FORTEPAN / Budapest Főváros Levéltára, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lotteries are another ancient form of gambling that enjoys great popularity in the world. This is no different when it comes to the best lotteries in Hungary today. We can trace back the origins of lotteries in Hungary to the 18th century. Since it first appeared it had some changes in regulations. Today, we have a wider selection to choose from when deciding to try our luck.

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The first form of the lottery in Hungary comes from 1763, but that was the Austrian version of it. The lotteries that we have in Hungary today were created onward from the 1950s. The gambling prohibition ended in 1956, and so the first modern lotto was introduced to Hungary in 1957. People have a bigger variety of lotteries today and there are even online lottery sites in Hungary.

The best lotteries in Hungary today in-detail

Everyone has their preferences in life. Opinions of people differ in food, cars, education, and even in lotteries as well. Today, they televise many of the best lotteries in Hungary with many online lottery types available as well. Prizes always differ and sometimes you find it hard to decide which lottery to go for. The following list shows what we think the best lotteries in Hungary are.

The Hungarian Otoslotto – 5/90

This is the oldest and most popular national lottery in Hungary, called “Ötöslottó” in its language. Players have to choose 5 numbers from the available 90. Your goal is to guess all 5 numbers but prizes are available for 2, 3, and 4 guesses as well. Your numbers can be of your choosing or randomized by a computer. The price of the base game is 300 HUF and you can watch the event every Saturday. In case there is no winner, the jackpot and other prizes cumulate over a year. Players can play through online gambling sites in Hungary as well. The current jackpot is just under 2.5 billion HUF.

best lotteries in Hungary today
The lottery is extremely popular in Hungary. Here is another example… – Image source: Flickr

The Hatoslotto – considered the best lottery in Hungary today

Introduced in 1988 due to the success of the Otoslotto, the game’s structure is modeled on its Austrian variant. The players have to choose 6 numbers from the available 45. Prizes start from 3 correct guesses and the mechanics are very similar to the Otoslotto. This is many people’s favorite lottery game because the jackpots are often of similar size to the Otoslotto, but the odds to win are better. An extremely popular game, you can watch it on every Sunday.


Keno works a bit differently than our other two picks but is still very popular. Players have to choose a maximum of 10 numbers from the available 80. Your goal is to guess as many as you can from the daily 20 winning numbers. Winning works like this. If you are playing with 8, 9, or 10 numbers you get a prize for guessing at least 5. If playing with 6 and 7 numbers you need at least 4 correct hits. This logic goes on, 5 and 4 with 3 guesses, 3 with at least 2 guesses, and 2 with 1 guess. Not that difficult. A game of Keno costs only 250 HUF and you can play every day. The current jackpot is over 1 billion HUF.

In conclusion

There are additional national and international lotteries available in Hungary but we believe these are the best lotteries in Hungary today. theLotter is an amazing site that offers a chance to play both Hungarian national lotteries and foreign lotteries. Lotteries of today are comfortable, you have so many options to play. You can play from your phone, online, or buy a ticket the traditional way. Would you agree with our list of best lotteries in Hungary today?

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