Most Played Online Casino Games in 2021


Posted: January 25, 2021

Updated: January 25, 2021

  • There are 5 popular casino games that are called classic
  • Which one will be the gamblers' favorite in 2021?

Online gambling is surviving a new wave of popularity these days. Due to the closure of land-based casinos, all gambling games gained new fans last year. Let’s make predictions about the list of the most played online casino games in 2021 to see which one is the best choice for Internet gambling.

A variety of gambling games at online casinos is amazing nowadays. Starting from classics like poker or slots and ending with weird gambling games like Bottle or Super Mario – gamblers can play everything they want for real money. Among such a wide range of games, there are still favorites that are played more frequently than the others.

5 most played online casino games in 2021

Which casino games are the most popular? Everyone knows the answer to this question. Despite the increasing number of online gambling activities, there is always the “Big Five”: poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and slots. Sometimes, slots are outrun with craps but the overall image is the same – these games are gamblers’ favorites at online gambling sites in Russia

The only thing that changes is the order of the most popular games. Last year, blackjack topped the list, but can it be surpassed? Let’s make predictions about the most played online casino games in 2021.


Craps are always in the top-6 of the most popular gambling games. Last year, this ancient dice game surpassed slots and placed fifth on the list of the people’s favorites. Almost 6% of all gamblers played craps at online casinos. However, the stats may change as slots are taking over craps.

Slots are also extremely popular at the biggest online casinos: King Billy, 1xBet, Intertops. In 2020, they remained outside the top-5 but are likely to come back. Slots are very easy to play as they require zero knowledge of the rules and minimum effort. Therefore, modern slot machines can be among the most played online casino games in 2021.


Playing baccarat is not as easy as playing slots but it couldn’t hurt the game to hit the top-4. Almost 9% of online casino players chose baccarat as their favorite game – probably, thanks to the interaction with the dealer. A classic card game was fourth on the list of popular games in 2020. Supposedly, baccarat will stay at this position this year as the army of the next game’s fans is too big to surpass it.

most played online casino games in 2021
Let’s play!


Poker has always been among gamblers’ favorites. When an average person hears about gambling, he or she will probably name poker as the first casino game that comes to mind. However, such recognition didn’t help the game to hit #1 – it was only third among the most popular online games with 21% of players.

Things may change in 2021. According to the first stats, poker and its variation have been frequently played at online casinos in Russia and a row of other countries. So, the game has all chances to become the leader among the most played online casino games in 2021.


Roulette games are easy to play – that’s why the game with all its variations entered the top-2 last year. Although rules of European and American roulette seem tricky at the first glance, playing it is as easy as ABC. Surely, if you dig deeper and start learning winning combinations and possibilities, it may seem complicated. However, 24% of online gamblers don’t bother themselves with strategies and that’s the reason why roulette is so popular.


Blackjack games were the most popular activities at online casinos in 2020. More than 30% of all players chose twenty-one as their favorite. The game will probably keep its position as playing blackjack at King Billy Casino and other gambling sites is very easy. All you have to do is collect 21 points or close in your hand and beat the dealer – that’s it! 

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