Most Popular Casino Jobs in 2022


Posted: January 19, 2022

Updated: January 19, 2022

  • Working in a casino sounds tempting for many people
  • Game dealers, slot hosts, and pit bosses are the most popular roles
  • Floor staff, security officers, and cashiers are also important for the smooth operation

Working in a casino might sound glamorous but it can be physically and mentally demanding due to late-night shifts, paying attention to every detail, and offering great customer service. Still, if you’d like to work in a casino, there are several options to choose from. Let’s see the most popular casino jobs in 2022. 

The most obvious role in a casino that most of us would think of is probably being a dealer/ croupier or a casino host. Beautiful women and good-looking guys standing by the roulette table is a typical picture that comes to our minds regarding casino jobs. But there are several other positions in the industry from cashiers to operation managers, security officers to bartenders. You can also find a management job with a financial or HR background as a casino manager or pit boss.  While working as a valet attendant or shuttle driver can be another option at a bigger resort. 

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Casino Dealers In Most Popular Casino Jobs in 2022

Being a casino game dealer is still a popular choice if you’d like to work in a casino, especially if you know the rules of the different gambling games. The role might look like a prestigious position, but dealers usually earn minimum wage plus the tips they receive from the players. In order to receive some extra cash, they need to be professional, polite, and friendly. And of course, they need to explain all the rules to the guests in a clear and understandable way. 

Being a dealer has some great advantages too, like meeting new people all the time, having flexible shifts, and having an important role in the life of a casino. But it is also a great responsibility as dealers need to pay attention all the time. Make sure that every player follows the rules and nobody is cheating. If you’d like to be a dealer, you can choose from several types from blackjack to poker dealers. With the latest being one of the most popular casino jobs in 2022. 

Cashiers and Slot Attendants 

Casino cashiers are also an important part of the whole casino experience as they do all kinds of transactions for the guests. From exchanging tokens or chips for cash to handling credit card advances. This role is not as glamorous as working on the floor, and it can be quite monotonous. But it’s a great entry-level position if you’re looking for a long-term career in casino management. Or just to have a summer job as a student. But keep in mind that you’ll need good mathematical skills for this role along with paying attention to details. 

most popular casino jobs in 2022
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Slot machine attendants take care of the slot machines in a casino. They report any malfunction, distribute winnings and provide general customer service. They also promote loyalty clubs and special programs for regular customers. If you have good customer service skills, you can also be a slot host. In that position, you act as a concierge and offer rewards and comps for loyal players. If you prefer to be alone and just concentrate on the games, you can always visit one of the online gambling sites in the US. 

Security Officers And Surveillance Operators

To keep a casino safe is one of the most important things to do if you want to run a successful business. No surprise that we can find several security officers in casinos who can wear uniforms or street clothes. They patrol the floor for cheaters, drunks, and other inappropriate people.

most popular casino jobs in 2022
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But they can also guard one specific area, like the vault. It’s obvious that you would need good physical condition and presence for this role. Surveillance operators have similar tasks but they use cameras and other equipment to catch cheating and further illegal activities. They often work together with security officers to keep the place a safe environment. 

Floor Staff

Floor staff is also necessary to keep casinos running as they help in several important areas. From answering queries to cleaning the tables, they can do all kinds of stuff. They can be cashiers, custodians, waitresses, and bar staff. It is quite a demanding role with constant moving around, but ideal if you don’t want to do the same thing every day. Floor staff is essential for casinos to provide great experience but you need to have a strong work ethic and stamina to fulfill it. Online casino sites in the US might not have so much staff but they can still offer entertainment and great wins. 

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Casino Manager, Pit Bosses, and Clerks

One of the top roles in a Intertops casino is the position of the casino manager, who is responsible for the whole operation of the place. He/she monitors the area, ensures that everything is in order, and is compliant with the regulations. Training of new staff, processing of payroll, and answering customer queries also belong to the casino manager’s duties. Basic knowledge of accounting, HR, and marketing is useful in this position. Just like handling stressful situations and working long hours. 

Usually, casino managers are assisted by pit bosses who work on the casino floors and supervise dealers, floor staff, and customers. But they also make sure that players have a great time and spend money at the tables. Pit clerks can help their work by often filling in for them and supervising other staff. It’s a great opportunity to get some management experience explaining their popularity in casino jobs. 

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