Most Popular Sports In The UAE – The Top Ranking Of 2022

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  • Most popular sports in the UAE
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We dedicated this article to collect the most popular sports in the UAE. Because the interest always changes every year and season. However, some good old sports will never fall on the list. While land-based gambling is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates, you still have many options online. For example, playing the lottery in the UAE is completely legal. Furthermore, you can always find great legal deals at online sportsbook sites in the United Arab Emirates. Because there is no law restricting online betting in the country. Therefore, you can place bets on your favorite sports at any time you wish.

1. Football – Topping The Most Popular Sports In The UAE

Football has always been wearing the crown of the most popular sport in the UAE. Because soccer is the most sought-after game in the whole world. Egypt has been representing the United Arab Emirates ever since they qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 1990. However, their love for football goes further down in history. Because they have been present as an international body of worldwide football associations since 1972. 

While land-based casinos are prohibited in the country, Wynn is opening a resort that seeks to lighten the restrictions over this law. However, the Seikhdom doesn’t seem interested for now. However, they have always been open-minded about sports. This is why they own one of the greatest sports arenas around the world. This game is always available at Megapari Sportsbook.

2. Cricket – Everyone Loves It

Much to many people’s surprise, Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. For example, there is a region that considers Cricket as a form of religion. Because the sport has embedded itself into the culture the same way Buddhism did. This is why it isn’t surprising that the people of the United Arab Emirates will always share a love for this slow yet exciting sport.

Most Popular Sports In The UAE
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This is only the second most popular sport in the UAE. However, if we exclude western countries from the mentality. Then Cricket would combat the popularity of soccer. However, if you are new to cricket, then you should get ready to schedule yourself. Because there are many things to learn about this sport. Furthermore, matches can last up to a whole week.

3. Camel Racing – Exclusive Among The Most Popular Sports In The UAE

According to Day Out Dubai, camel racing is one of the most popular sports in the UAE. However, this sport is not as popular worldwide. Because camels require a given environment in which they could efficiently race each other. This is why there are many regions around the world where this sport just couldn’t work.

However, many countries in the United Arab Emirates can host professional camel racing events. Furthermore, they treat these camels properly. Therefore, this is just as safe and ethical as horse racing. Because these camels have their very own hospitals. The most prestigious camel race in the world is the Al Marmoum camel racing tournament.

4. Horse Racing – Dubai Funding The Biggest Tournaments

As you can expect, horse racing is also one of the most popular sports in the UAE. Therefore, the camel racing idea derived from popular horse racing. However, the United Arab Emirates hosts one of the biggest world championships. This is why jockeys and horses are training for the whole year. Because these prestigious tournaments are one of the most sought-after events in the world.

Furthermore, they also pay the winning horse well. This is why you should never miss the Dubai World Cup. Because you will find one of the most refined and modern forms of racing. Furthermore, soon the definition of robot jockeys will become a norm. Because the UAE is already experimenting with such technologies.

5. Tennis – Way More Popular Than You Think

Do you like tennis? Then you should consider moving to the UAE. Because this sport is way more popular than you would expect. Therefore, many people are playing this sport regularly. Because the relation to tennis is way different from the west and east. Therefore, this sport has always been enjoyed around the world. However, it is much more normal in the United Arab Emirates to use tennis as a form of socializing.

Furthermore, it is a known fact that they are great sports tennis matches over there. Because everyone enjoys this activity. However, it is a famous professional sport for women too. Playing tennis refines your reflexes and relaxes your brain after work.

6. Squash – The Sport Was Invented In The UAE

Are you one of those who think that Tennis is a little boring? Then we have good news for you. Because squash is also one of the most popular sports in the UAE. According to the World Squash Federation, the sport is played with two people and four walls.

Therefore, the point of the game is to hit the ball against the wall in a way that the opponent couldn’t make a good return. Therefore, this is way more competitive than Tennis. However, there is also an additional factor to the game. Because the squash ball was made out of unique components. This is why it can bounce off the wall perfectly, yet still, be hit with a rack.

7. Golf – Another Sport Funded By The Emirates

We don’t have to explain why golf is one of the most popular sports in the UAE. It is just a great sport for everyone all over the world. We know how popular sportsmen became world sensations after golf. Therefore, this sport requires a great amount of focus and expertise. The recent Phil Mickelson gambling losses include a small drama about him and his inconsiderate words. Because he was talking disrespectfully against the people in the Emirates. However, the Emirates greatly contributes to the career and well-being of these sportsmen. Therefore, Phil Mickelson has apologized for his inconsiderate words.

8. Formula 1 – Motorsports Are The Most Popular Sports In The UAE

We couldn’t talk about the most popular sports in the UAE without mentioning F1. However, you should know that all forms of motorsports are welcome in the country.

Therefore, F1 has conquered the world with its name. No wonder why the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is an event everyone is looking forward to. Furthermore, you can find the greatest odds like the +165 Odds on Fernando Alonso. This is why you should always bet on Formula 1 as a fan of sportsbooks or sports. Because you can find the wildest deals out there.

9. Falconry – A Honorary Mention

As a bonus on the list of the most popular sports in the UAE, here is something new. According to Dubai Forever, Falconry is on this list too. Falconry is a strange sport, which is about catching these birds in their natural environment. Therefore, people must catch these birds of prey and collect them by the end of the time. However, they are not using guns or anything that would harm this animal. Therefore, this sport is more about taming the animals than hunting them. However, during the sport, they are catching wild animals. Therefore, some tournaments simulate the environment of trained birds.

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