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Most Popular Sports In Japan

We are going to review the most popular sports in Japan. Japan can be proud of several athletes and sportsmen. The country is outstanding in many international sports tournaments. And if you are interested in sports betting, then you should visit the online sportsbook sites in Japan. Because no matter if you live in Japan, or you are just visiting. You can legally use online sports betting services even from your hotel room. Therefore, even if you are a fan of betting or you just simply want to know which sports events to visit in Japan. This article will give everything you need to know about the top 10 sports in Japan.

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1. Baseball – The Most Popular Sport In Japan

Baseball is not only one of the most popular sports in Japan. According to Unique Japan Tours, the Japanese citizens show more interest in Baseball than they do in all of the other sports on the list added up. Therefore, Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan. In Japanese, you call the sport Basukettobōru and Rui Hachimura. He is contesting for the crown with another Japanese baseball legend called Yuta Wanabane. Therefore, the most iconic and popular baseball team in Japan is the Yomiuri Giants. Their nickname is Kyojin and they represent the Kanto region. Another iconic team is the Kochi Fighting Dogs of the Shikoku region. The Fukuoka Softbank Hawks of Kyushu and the Hanshin Tigers of the Kansai region. Therefore they have one of the best golf players of all time.

2. Sumo Wrestling

According to All About Japan, Sumo is the traditional national sport of Japan. Therefore, it is not surprising that Sumo is the second most popular sport in Japan. The sport is all about overweight people wrestling each other in a sand arena. Therefore, Sumo wrestlers are dedicating their whole lives to the sport. They grow as big as they can, and it is an art that is hard to practice and master.

However, the most successful overweight athletes are very hard to find in other countries. But in Japan, they are well respected and known throughout the whole country. Therefore, to be a successful sumo wrestler, one has to work hard for great recognition. If you are visiting Japan during your next holiday trip, then you should try to see a live sumo wrestling match. The best Sumo wrestler is Hakuhō Shō.

3. Soccer – Most Popular Sport Around The World

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Japan. It is no surprise that it is on the top of the list because Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. The only exception is America, where other sports such as basketball and American football are more popular. Therefore, Japan is highly supportive of its professional soccer players. It is also one of the many sports the students of Japan must or may participate in. They refer to soccer as Futtobōru, as the word originates from the English word of Football. The Japan National Football Team is nicknamed Samurai Blue. Japanese players are one of the most successful soccer players in Asia. Therefore, Japan dominates the local competition in soccer.

4. Tennis

Everyone knows that Tennis is one of the significant sports in Japan. Being one of the most popular sports in Japan, Tennis has been featured in the television and media several times in Japanese culture.

The sport is just way too popular because the Japanese players are all dedicated and professional. If you are checking the odds featured at 888sport then you will see that Japanese sportsbooks are packed up with the upcoming Tennis events. Because nearly every single student tries Tennis at least once during their education. With it becoming a special activity for students, nearly everyone has a chance to try their hands at the sport. However, this makes competitive Tennis in the country hard to master.

5. Judoka

If you are looking for a sports category to blow your 888sport Daily Free Bet on, then you should consider getting into Judoka. Judoka is simply put, the thing we would refer to as Judo. However, it is also used to categorize many different martial arts that aren’t boxing or progress. Therefore, Judoka is the more artistic form of martial arts that isn’t necessarily about becoming great at fighting. Moreso they function as a traditional art and competitive fighting style that lets the professionals of the given art compete against each other very effectively. Judo is a great sport to watch if you are visiting Japan.

6. Motor Racing – One of The Most Popular Sports In Japan

According to Link Japan Careers Motor Racing is one of the most popular sports in Japan. No wonder why, because Japan is world-famous for its car engineering.

Motor racing involves sports such as F1 or NASCAR. Therefore, car racing is the real deal in Japan. If you know about the popular Japanese racing anime called Initial D, then you already know the rich racing culture of Japan. If you are interested in one of the most intense and interesting motor racing events. Then you should check out Japanese motor racing culture. Furthermore, betting on these races is one of the most exciting forms of gambling.

7. Boxing And Puroresu

Boxing and Puroresu are enjoying nearly equal interest in Japan. Both of them are one of the most popular sports in Japan. While boxing is more professional and serious. Puroresu is the equivalent of the theatrical wrestling of western culture. Therefore, if you are looking for a probably orchestrated act of fighting art mixed with story writing, then Puroresu is your sport. But if you are more interested in professional boxing moves, then Boxing it is. However, be careful and make sure to bet on the proper category. Because it is among the common sports betting mistakes to mix the two sports if you are new to the world of sports or online sports betting.

8. Volleyball – Most Popular Sport For Females In Japan

Volleyball is also one of the most popular sports in Japan, mostly played by females. However, there are two leagues for both men and women. In Japanese culture, Volleyball is accepted as one of the most professional sports for women, and they have outstanding players to show when it comes to international competitions. Therefore, Volleyball is an important part of the Japanese sports culture. You can also bet on most of the local and international Volleyball events on 888Sports.

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9. eSports

While some might say that eSports are not fitting into the sporting category. It has been one of the most popular sports in Japan, especially among the younger audience. Japan has one of the most colorful commercials and financial support for its entertainment professionals. Therefore, eSports teams are getting the exposure and support they need and deserve to represent the country. The best eSports team in Japan is the DetonatioN FocusMe of League of Legends. They won the LJL spring in the first place, and they have a 7-win streak, with a 71% win rate. 

10. Swimming

While swimming is not one of the most popular sports in Japan, it is important to mention. Because swimming is a part of their basic education plan, every student has mandatory swimming classes and lessons. Therefore, there are great swimmers and water polo players in Japan. Furthermore, you can find water-based sports on Japanese sportsbook sites. If you wish to bet on any of the mentioned sports, then we recommend you to visit 888Sports.

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