Here Are 7 Most Successful Football Managers Ever

  • Here are 7 football managers whose names are written down in history
  • Today’s legends like Guardiola, Mourinho, and Klopp are on the list too
  • Who is an undeniable number 1 as best head coach of all time?
most successful football managers ever

Being a football manager is not an easy thing as you have to not only develop playing tactics for your own team but also predict your opponents’ steps. Being an excellent football manager is double more difficult but there are ones who cope with their tasks perfectly. Here is the list of the 7 most successful football managers ever.

Managers are no less important than players when it comes to football competitions. Even the most perfect squad in the world consisting only of top footballers can’t do it without a smart strategy. Football manager is a person who knows every player’s strong and weak sides, plans gaming tactics, foresees rivals’ moves, and is responsible for team spirit. Coping with all these tasks is not an easy thing, but some managers do their best and they succeed. So, who are the most successful football managers ever?

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Jose Mourinho won more than 25 trophies

Love or hate him, but Jose Mourinho is among the best managers in football history. During his 20 years career as a head coach, Mourinho managed nine football clubs with Porto, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid as the most successful ones. Mourinho’s victories with these clubs included the Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, and many secondary competitions. He also won the EPL and the Football League Cup with Chelsea three times each and led Man Utd to the victory in the EFL and the Europa League. Although the achievements of Jose Mourinho’s squad are far from excellent during the last few years, his 25 trophies as a manager can’t be denied.

most successful football managers ever
José Mourinho – Image via Flickr

One of the most decorated managers is Lucescu 

With more than 32 trophies, Mircea Lucescu is among the most successful football managers ever. A 74-years-old former coach is known for his achievements in Eastern European countries, including Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. He built the most successful manager career in Shakhtar Donetsk and turned it into the top Ukrainian club. Under his management, Shakhtar won 8 UPL titles and 13 other local trophies. The club also got a victory in the 2009 UEFA Cup thanks to Lucescu.

Besides the Ukrainian club, Mircea Lucescu won 7 titles in Romania with various local clubs. Although he didn’t win major tournaments like the UCL or Euro, his professional skills were seen in local leagues of many countries.

Jurgen Klopp is worth an honorable mention

Although Jurgen Klopp hasn’t won so many trophies as Mourinho, this promising German manager is worth being on this list. He is often called one of the best football managers of the 2010s thanks to his achievements with Liverpool. Glory days of this football club seemed to be in the past, but then he came. In 5 years, Klopp turned outsiders into the top English club with the UCL title, FIFA Club World Cup title, and significant progress in the EPL. This year, Liverpool is likely to get the long-awaited victory in the Premier League and you can already bet on it at online sportsbooks in Germany.

Klopp’s ability to unlock talents is another unique thing. Under his guidance, such footballers as Salah, Firmino, Mane, and Van Dijk climbed to the top. However, his achievements are not limited by Liverpool only. While managing Borussia Dortmund, Klopp won 2 German Football Manager of the Year awards. So, he is definitely on his way of being among the most successful football managers ever.

Jock Stein was one of the best in the 20th century

Football manager Jock Stein was one of the most successful head coaches in the past century. He entered history as the first British manager to win the European Cup. He did it with Celtic FC in 1967 as well as made his squad one of the most successful Scottish clubs. Under Stein’s guidance, Celtic won 9 consecutive Scottish League championships during 1966-74 and one more in 1977. In total, Jock Stein won 26 trophies as a manager, which is one of the best results in history.

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Guardiola is a new-generation legend

If you are a football fan, there is no need to introduce Josep Guardiola. Everyone knows Pep as one of the best modern head coaches. It won’t be a crime to include him in the list of the most successful football managers ever too as nobody can deny his talent.

Every squad he ever trained was breaking through under his guidance. Firstly, Pep stayed in Barcelona from 2008 to 2012. During this time, the Catalan club won two UCL titles, two Super Cups, and 8 Spanish trophies in various tournaments. Then the manager signed up for Bayern Munich and won 3 Bundesliga titles, Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup just in three years. Since 2016, Guardiola has managed Manchester City with permanent success. The club won 2 Premier League titles twice in a row as well as 6 other trophies. Regardless of his plans in relation to Man City and its further fate in football, Pep is definitely a top-level manager. Meanwhile, you can bet on his next club at Bet365 Sportsbook if you believe he’s leaving England after the FFP scandal. 

most successful football managers ever
Guardiola – Image via Flickr

Lobanovskyi is one of the most successful football managers ever

When speaking about top head coaches, it is impossible to omit Ukrainian football manager Valeriy Lobanovskyi. He was the most successful coach in Ukraine and the USSR and the most awarded one in the 20th century. Moreover, Lobanovskyi is the second-most titled manager of all time with 29 trophies. According to UEFA, he found his place in the top-10 of the greatest football managers ever. What has he done to deserve a spot?

Valeriy Lobanovskyi is widely known for coaching Dynamo Kyiv FC and the USSR national team. Under his guidance, the Ukrainian club won 18 titles in various USSR football championships and 8 local leagues. Dynamo Kyiv also won three European Cup trophies, while two club players – Oleg Blokhin and Igor Belanov – received Ballon d’Or awards. They are two of only 3 Ballon d’Or winners from Ukraine followed by Andriy Shevchenko.

Finally, Lobanovskyi led the USSR football team to the Euro 1988 final, where it lost to the Netherlands. Despite the defeat, it is still the most successful performance at the European championship among all post-Soviet countries.

Alex Ferguson is number 1

Sir Alex Ferguson is an undeniable number 1 among head coaches according to various football editions. With 48 trophies, he is the most titled manager ever and far ahead of anybody else. The former football manager is widely known for guiding Manchester United and causing its breakthrough in 1986. Most of the awards were won with Red Devils, including 13 EPL titles, 2 Champion League and FIFA Clubs World Cup trophies. In total, Ferguson spent 26 years with Man Utd and became its longest-serving manager. All these achievements made him the best football manager ever.

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