Moto GP Betting Beats F1 For Excitement & Opportunity

German Moto GP

With the self-proclaimed pinnacle of motorsport, Formula One, being as interesting to watch as a documentary on 20th century telephone pole design there’s more than a few turning to the far more exciting and unpredictable world of Moto GP betting that anything is better than watching Mercedes win everything. Assen proved the point and now the Moto GP circus is off to Germany where they’ll be keeping one eye on the sky.

German Moto GP

  • Marquez 8/11
  • Lorenzo 5/1
  • Rossi 13/5

The Moto GP season continues to give those bored with Formula One a motorsport worth betting on, and Assen proved that it differs hugely from its four wheeled rival simply by involving actual racing and a much required level of unpredictability. In Assen last time out the rain came down and soaked the race into an amazing test of skills as the conditions became ever more slippery, and it was a 750/1 shot that managed it to take the win, but that doesn’t mean Moto Gp betting is always so wild.

Jack Miller took his first Moto GP victory in the rain at Assen, getting in ahead of Marc Marquez whose second place helps him retain his cushion at the top of the table, and Scott Reading (used to British weather) came third. Further down the two-wheeled pecking order those that like to bet on sports in Germany at Bet365 may also have had some great Moto GP betting with Moto 2 winner Takaaki Nakagami taking his first ever win and the Moto 3 winner, also grabbing his first victory, Francesco Bagnaia.

Three Races, Three Brand New Winners At Assen

Moto GP Championship

  • Marquez 4/7
  • Lorenzo 9/5
  • Rossi 5/1

Three competitors winning their first ever races on one weekend? Now that’s motorsport, and when 90% of F1 races have been won by one of two drivers, this was at least something to get your teeth into and with the German Moto GP coming up and the weather in Europe being afflicted with something the meteorologists like to call a “Spanish plume” there’s every chance that if you take advantage of German gambling laws to do some Moto GP betting this weekend, it’ll be just as unpredictable as Assen was.

Marquez Moto GP

Marquez is still the man to beat

They call such races “rain affected” which seems a tad overly diplomatic when it is raining cats and dogs and even riders like Valentino Rossi are sliding off the track, but they produce some great racing and some superb opportunities for those that enjoy Moto GP betting over wagers put on which Mercedes might win in F1. But who should you be backing? Well the smart money will be on Marc Marquez who is still the man to beat, at 8/11 however Jorge Lorenzo on 5/1 is an okay wager as is Valentino on 13/5.

Moto GP Betting Made Better By Rainfall

It is the possible weather conditions that give Jack Miller just 100/1 on getting his second victory, although that seems decidedly generous, but if it’s raining an each-way bet on him might not be the silliest of Moto GP betting ideas, although those in German gambling news headlines will be of such heroics on Monday may well be asking a little too much of the fates, and when it comes to the world championship it’s getting tighter at the top with each race.

The Doctor, Valentino Rossi, is at 5/1, to take the World Championship at season’s end, but whether he’s a good piece of Moto GP betting is questionable with the ever quick Jorge Lorenzo at 9/5 and Marc Marquez hovering around 4/7 at Bet365. Chances are it will be one of the two that lifts the trophy, even if this weekend might see them having to deal with a downpour dampening down the speed and opening up the race to other lesser known riders as occurred in Assen.

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