Have A Bet On The 2016 World Matchplay Tournament This Weekend

BetVictor World Matchplay

Step up to the oche and bet on the 2016 World Matchplay tournament as it gets underway this weekend once more bringing together the very cream of the top talent in the sport to provide some of the very best matches to wager upon. The action might be in Blackpool but you won’t need to climb the tower to spot the opportunities as some big names go up against some hopeful minnows.

2016 World Matchplay

  • Michael van Gerwin 23/20
  • Gary Anderson 9/2
  • Phil Taylor 6/1

In 1908 Foot Anakin, a name that makes you either a Jedi or a landlord, was taken to court for allowing people to play darts in his pub. Anti-gambling legislation of the time, far more draconian than current UK gambling laws, banned this practice on the rather bizarre basis that darts was a game of chance, which, lets be honest, it isn’t. Foot Anakin proved it in court, although as we prepare to bet on the 2016 World Matchplay at Bet365 why it was necessary at all is a tad hard to imagine.

The game had, in one form or another, been around for centuries and even a passing experience with it would demonstrate that it included a skilled component, but alas British justice is notoriously slow to spot the bloody obvious and tends to need things spelled out very, very slowly before it gets to grips with its own misconceptions and puts the right. However once the obvious nature of Darts was established it paved the way for us all to choose a winner and bet on the 2016 World Matchplay this weekend.

Bet365 Has All The Odds If You Want To Bet On The 2016 World Matchplay Darts

23rd World Matchplay

  • July 16-24 2016
  • Winter Gardens
  • Blackpool (UK)

Putting the now traditional 450,000 GBP up in prize money the Professional Darts Corporation has ensured that a great field of players have qualified for this premier event, and you can always bet on the 2016 World Matchplay tournament to be every bit as exciting as the last twenty-two times this competition has been run, often producing some of the most tense matches seen in darts. But just who is going to lift the trophy in the end? Who should you back if you like to bet on sports in the UK at Bet365?

Van Gerwen

Van Gerwen (Photo: Sky Sports)

Well there’s a good selection of players from the home nations, people like Jamie Caven, Joe Cullen, Robert Thornton and Mark Webster, but there’s the German Kim Huybrechts, the Aussie Simon Whitlock and the Dutchman Jelle Klaasen all stepping up to the oche this time round, and that means this is one of the most open fields the competition has seen in quite a few years, and you can bet on the 2016 World Matchplay tournament being just a little unpredictable.

Will Michael Van Gerwen Stroll Off With The Prize?

This does not, however, mean you should rush off and bet on the 2016 World Matchplay tournament with wild abandon, some of the longshots are just that for a reason, but bet365 are offering a rather nice 16/1 on Peter Wright, which may well seem like a punt especially each-way, and Adrian Lewis on 14/1 is a similar proposition. Outright win? No, but if you’re in the UK gambling news headlines that they made it to the final may appear next week may not be as outrageous as it sounds.

Of course the favorites are people like the familiar face of Phil Taylor who at 6/1 is so gloriously priced he’s almost a mandatory bet on the 2016 World Matchplay tournament, although Gary Anderson is just ahead at 9/2 and has looked in sparklingly good form. The favorite is, naturally enough, Michael van Gerwen sitting pretty on 23/20 or thereabouts, and whilst that does put him squarely ahead of the pack, anything could happen at this one of the best darts tournaments in the world.

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