How Different Music Affects Gambling Behavior

  • It is proven that music can make you spend more in casinos
  • What songs can affect your gambling behavior more than others?
  • Music is not the only way to make gamblers stay in a casino longer
music affects gambling behavior

Don’t you know that special music affects gambling behavior in various ways? It is scientifically proven that different compositions work on our psychology while gaming as casinos choose them very carefully to bring them profit. Learn about all tricks used by casinos to make gamblers stay inside for a long time.

Every feature of a land-based casino design aims to keep you there and music is not an exception. Some compositions make you stay in a casino longer or encourage you to play more games than you have initially planned. It is one of a variety of casino tricks aiming to keep you in a casino. What are the others and how do they generally work?

It is a fact that music affects gambling behavior

Various studies taken throughout the years have shown that particular types of music can influence people’s moods. Moreover, it can even make people do what they don’t want to and it is no kind of magic. Let’s take casinos and malls as an example. If you do shopping frequently, you might have noticed that malls usually put the same type of music. Pleasant, dynamic pop songs are chosen for a reason: the high tempo influences the pace of customers’ flow and makes them feel better in a crowded environment, while pleasant sounding and lyrics encourage people to buy something by uplifting people’s mood.

music affects gambling behavior
It really matters.

The same trick applies to land-based casinos, however, the other kind of music is usually chosen to influence players. Slow-tempo music affects gambling behavior by creating a relaxed atmosphere where players feel comfortable enough to be ready to pay for it. If you have ever been to one of Las Vegas casinos, you should have noticed that they imitate the luxurious environment with the help of interior design and music. Live performances, lounge or jazz help every visitor to feel like a movie hero among rich people and expensive furniture. In addition, slow-paced tracks vanish your perception of time and make you stay inside for a longer time. As a result, you spend more money and don’t regret it due to a state of relaxation and imitation of bohemian life.

Do casinos put only slow-paced music?

Slow and relaxing music is often played in casinos, but high-paced songs also matter. Like shopping malls, gambling rooms can put energetic songs in special areas to create the necessary mood. Their high tempo influences players in two ways. Firstly, it gives gamblers less time to choose a bet carefully. As a result, the client loses, but cheerful music “forces” him/her to keep on playing until the end. It also lifts people’s spirits and makes them think about the emotions they get while playing and winning rather than the money they spend.

Sometimes casinos combine different music genres in one establishment. Every reputable casino has separate rooms for playing poker, slots, roulettes, and other games. Each of them requires a particular approach to every gambler. For example, calm music affects gambling behavior in poker or other card games, where multiple players are in. At the same time, energetic pop songs are used in slot rooms and roulettes. What is also important, the change of music is almost unnoticeable for visitors and it is another casino’s manipulation to vanish the perception of time. Fortunately, online casinos in the US don’t use such tricks to keep people in, or you can always turn the music off if it tries to affect you.

music affects gambling behavior
What would this one do to you?

What else makes you stay in a casino?

Music is one of the numerous tricks used by casinos to keep you inside. Land-based casinos will do everything to make people gamble more and the choice of songs is a small part of the system. Read more about the top-10 most widespread ploys casinos use to make you stay. Meanwhile, we will tell you about some of them as they are too popular to ignore.


Not only does music affect gambling behavior in a casino, but so does its interior. We have already mentioned luxurious casino interiors that make you feel like Rockefeller. Most casino visitors are not as wealthy as the American magnate was, and they use it to keep your attention. Expensive furniture, bright lights, colorful ceilings: all these elements of design make you look upon them for a longer time. In addition, all gambling rooms are designed in a way to deaden your perception of reality. There are no clocks or windows to help you to know how much time you spend in a casino.


Free drinks are among the best ways to make gamblers stay in a casino, especially if they are new in gambling. Alcohol helps them relax and boosts self-confidence, which results in spending hours by slot machines or card tables. However, casino management pays attention to the number of drinks they give you. No one needs drunk troublemakers to ruin the relaxation of other players, so it is useless to wait for 10 free cocktails.


Money can also control your behavior in a casino, but not in the way you suppose. To be more correct, a total absence of money during a gambling process makes you careless. Have you ever thought why any game is played with chips instead of real money? It is another trick to lull your vigilance and make you spend more than you plan. You don’t see how much you spend, so you stay calm and keep on playing. Fortunately, this ploy is useless in online casinos like Vegas Crest as here you can always check your balance and control your spending habits in gambling.

As we can see, not only music affects gambling behavior in casinos. Everything in a land-based establishment aims to take your money. Therefore, switch to online gambling sites in the US to play free from influence and invisible pressure from casinos.

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