Mysterious Brazilian Poker Site to Launch in November

Poker Rebel is clearly targeting the Brazilian market. No further info is known about the site.

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It seems like another industry player has set its eyes on the emerging South-American market, Brazilian gambling news discovered.

Pre-launch messages of a new poker site started to appear in the social media and on the gambling message boards. The “Poker Rebel” was being described as one of the new Brazilian poker rooms. The messages mainly advertised the launch of the online gambling establishment in November.

Almost nothing is known about the operator behind the enterprise. The site is in both English and Portuguese, and it says it is scheduled become operational on November 1. There is absolutely no information regarding its IT background, the software it uses, the network it belongs to, not to mention the owner.

However, Brazilian design elements on the site clearly tell that the South American country is in focus. The website also includes a detailed poker tutorial section. Multi-table and sit ‘n go tournaments and a variation of speed poker can be found among the downloadable software.

Until recently, there was a total lack of online casinos in Brazil due to the technical prohibition of e-gambling in the country. Simply put, the authorities always refused giving an operating license to local and foreign applicants, even though there was no law specifically banning such things.

However, the regulations did not ban Brazilians from putting wagers on foreign gambling sites. The market is enormous, many foreign sites even feature Brazilian Portuguese menus to attract players from the Latin-American country.

Most forms of land gambling in Brazil are in fact illegal. The only legal forms of gambling since a 1964 ban are horse racing and lotteries. However, the cloudy Brazilian gambling laws allow operating tens of thousands of gambling machines across the country. Bingo is also steadily gaining popularity.

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