National Rugby League in Australia Supports New Gambling Legislation

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The National Rugby League in Australia stated that it stays behind the new gambling legislation introduced by the State Government in the name of the game.

Nick Weeks, general manager of Integrity, commented that it was of extreme importance that fans are convinced in the integrity of the game. He explained that according to the new Australian gambling laws, bookies won’t be allowed to offer bets on the Rugby League, unless they have accepted the integrity agreement with the NRL.

Weeks said that this agreement will allow NRL and other sport leagues to have more influence on the types of bets, placed on the games. Additionally, national policy on sports betting will be introduced.

Effect of the legislation

This legislation change may draw players away from sports betting and push them to Australian casinos, as bookies might have difficulties to offer exciting bets.

Weeks observed: “There is nothing more important than the integrity of the game. We will work with the various betting agencies on the types of bets which are suitable for Rugby League. The betting agencies generally co-operate with the NRL by not offering bet types which may lend themselves to fraud or abuse.”

He continued: “But this legislation will make it easier for us to veto any bet types which are not appropriate for our game. So we think the ultimate winners will be the members, players and fans of Rugby League who can be even more confident about the integrity of the game.”

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