Native American Tribe Blasts Trump’s Racist Comments

Trump in 2016

A Native American tribe that owns Foxwoods Casino is lambasting Donald Trump’s racist comments that the Pequots “don’t look like Indians to me.”

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, owners of Foxwoods Casino, have voiced their disapproval over Donald Trump’s racist comments during a congressional testimony in 1993. During that hearing, Trump was quoted saying Pequot’s “don’t look like Indians to me.” These comments came while testifying before the House Native American Affair Subcommittee. “Go up to Connecticut… You’ll see.” Trump said.

Rodney Butler, a chairman for the Pequot Tribe, explained why these comments were so offensive and deserved to be criticized. “It really stirs up old some old wounds. We have generational wounds. Something like this just continues to bring it back up to the surface.”

Trump has made disparaging comments about Native Americans before.

Trump has called Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” on a number of occasions during his presidential campaign. Warren has claimed to have Native American ancestry, something Trump openly denies. “She’s about as Native American as I am.” He said.

A number of other tribes have voiced their anger over Trump’s racist comments as well. A leader of the Ramapough tribe in New Jersey says many in his tribe are upset at Trump for a campaign he waged in 1993 that made online gambling news in the US to block federal recognition of the group. Federal recognition of the Ramapough could have allowed them to build casinos in New Jersey, a state that Trump himself owned a number of casinos in.

Rodney Butler has stated that his tribe is not taking a stand against Republicans, just Donald Trump. They plan to send a delegate to the upcoming GOP and Democratic conventions. Trump and his campaign staff have yet to comment on the matter.

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