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Netherlands Football Betting Odds in the Next European Tournaments

We look at the Netherlands football betting odds in the next international tournaments, UEFA Nations League and Euro 2020. Is there any hope for Holland’s comeback?

Netherlands football betting odds

The three-time World Cup finalists with four talented generations of players have missed the 2016 European Champions, and, after finishing third in their qualifying group, have not qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. So what happened to the former footballing giant? Why Netherlands national football team is in such disarray? What do best online btting sites in Netherlands tell us about Netherlands football betting odds in the next tournaments? Is there any hope for the Dutch football to bring back its winning mentality?

Netherlands could be back on the throne for Euro 2020:

Netherlands Football Betting Odds

Although the Netherlands failed to qualify for two international tournaments in a row, they have been picked as one of top 12 teams in Europe to compete in the new UEFA Nations League A. Netherlands were preferred over both Sweden and Russia, who reached the World Cup quarterfinals. Now those two countries will play in a lower UEFA Nations League B. It is not clear how Netherlands made it to the top division, but what about their odds in the tournament?

They were unlucky to be drawn in a group with Germany and recent World Cup champions France. In order to win the League they need to progress to the semi-finals in June, 2019 by leading the group. With Arjen Robben’s retirement, and Wesley Sneijder, Ryan Babel and Robin van Persie ageing, it is hard to see them compete. Netherlands football betting odds to win UEFA Nations League A value at (21), according to Betvictor Sportsbook.    

Holland Still on Decline

Memphis Depay
Memphis Depay

On the odds list for Euro 2020 outright winner, Netherlands are also surprisingly eighth placed with value at (17), according to Betvictor Sportsbook. Does this mean there is a real quality in the young generation to play big part in the future of Netherlands football betting odds? Frankly, it might be the case for the 20-year-old Ajax midfielder Fenkie De Jong who attracts the interest of Spanish giants Barcelona, and for Memphis Depay playing as a winger for PSV, if they get a chance to play for the national team.

Yet the biggest problem for Netherlands is not only that the best attacking players are past their prime and there is a crucial need for the injection of young talents, but also Netherlands stick to their old tactical style that no longer works. According to online sportsbook news in Netherlands, the team are unable to depart from possession-based play for long. Their tactics are easily exposed by their opponents.

That is not strange as since 1978 every team manager has been a Dutchman. The new head coach Ronald Koeman and the top soccer director Nico-Jan Hoogma are also descendents from the same school. It seems that as long as Netherlands stick to the same tactical style with a Dutch manager and do not inject young talents, they will not come back strong anytime soon. Do you think they will be able to survive either UEFA Nations League or Euro 2020?

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