New Casino At Chelmsford Race Course Gets Go Ahead

Casino At Chelmsford Race Course

The new casino planned for Chelmsford City Race Course gained approval plus permission for some added attractions, but with the council assured it will not disturb the local community will the large capital investment in new facilities pay off in the end?

In the United States the establishment of a new casino can be a fraught process. The hotchpotch of localized gambling laws meaning that over quite short distances there can be a whole world of difference between what is and is not permitted. Even once in place the stringent regulations can differ wildly and the economic situation fluctuate from region to region so much that there is no guarantee of success, even if you set up your new casino in a location already synonymous with gambling.

New Casino In Chelmsford

• Chelmsford City Race Course
• New Five-Tier Building
• 10 Outdoor Gigs A Year
• Casino Open All Night

Across the pond UK gambling laws are a touch more liberal and entirely nation wide so the application to establish a casino is not a matter of legality as such but comes under the purview of the local council who have to factor in a whole number of things when deciding whether or not to permit a new casino within their jurisdiction. Typically this process involves environmental impact assessment as well as consultation with the local community, as it did in Chelmsford with it’s race track location.

New Casino Will Not Disturb The Neighbors

Chelmsford Thurs 12th Jan.

• Racing Tips
• 17:50 – False Id
• 18:25 – Tailors Row
• 19:00 – Hard To Handel
• 19:30 – Mighty Missile
• 20:00 – Locomotion
• 20:30 – Miss Uppity

The race course, the council judged, was actually a pretty good location for a new casino in the area given it provided and enclosed secure location that was already frequented by gamblers and also had the benefit of being a marked distance away from the local residential area. This meant the council saw it having no negative effects of any note on the local community and thus approved the application. The plan sees the new casino open all night which will certainly make UK gambling news headlines.

New Casino At Chelmsford Race Course

Would anyone still be able to pay attention to the tracks? (Photo: EssexLive)

This gives Chelmsford City Race Course permission to not only modernize their facilities, an entire new five storey building with terracing for spectators will be constructed, but have the financial future that allows them to make such an investment. As the council said when questioned about the twenty four hour nature of their licensing “Given the planning history and also the remoteness of the building from residential properties there is no sound planning reason to limit the hours of use of the casino.”

Casino Unlikely To Challenge More Accessible Bet365

“The proposal is for 10 events only in any one calendar year and whether or not these events are held one after another or spread out across the year would make no material difference to the amenities of existing residents in the area.” Went on the report by Mr Green of the local council, allowing the site to host events drawing in a more diverse crowd than might attend a race meeting or pull up in search of a casino. That said of course as Bet365 etc get more popular online casinos in the real world do benefit.

However the main business of Chelmsford right now is racing and they go on Thursday providing the weather plays fair, so you’ll be able to find some great odds at Bet365 if you like to bet on sports in the UK. In the 17:50 it’s False Id we’ve been eyeing, Tailors Row in the 18:25, in the 19:00 try Hard To Handel, and in the 19:30 why not go for Mighty Missile. The 20:00 is tougher but perhaps Locomotion will be the one and in the last race of the day in the shadow of where their new casino will go, try Miss Uppity in the 20:30.

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