New Features and Bonus Code at Drake Casino

Bonus code at Drake Casino

In previous weeks, there have been many changes at Drake Casino, the go-to destination for quality online casino tournaments. We’ll overview all the changes and reveal a new Drake Casino bonus code for 50 free spins.

Drake Casino success has been steady ever since its establishment in 2012. After building a core-base of dedicated players, thanks to their reliable services and offers, the team behind Drake Casino has decided to introduce new features to further solidify its place on the online casino landscape. Today we’ll take a look at most important developments on the casino site, and we’ll also reveal a new bonus code that you can use for 50 free spins.

1. New design and its usability

Drake Casino was rocking a classic – maybe a bit dated – design until recently. Sticking with a look has its obvious benefits. It definitely does make people feel at ease when using their favorite online casino. With this in mind, Drake Casino’s design wasn’t changed drastically. The layout is the same but it was enhanced with a bit more color, smoother edges, and new illustrations. It’s still easy to navigate and it’s not too flashy, so the focus remains on the most important factor: gaming.

2. Search and filter functions

When you have hundreds of games on offer, your search function better be perfect. Drake Casino has implemented a fully functional search and filter option in the game library so you can find any game in the snap of a finger. If you don’t have a concrete idea what to play, use the filter function to discover new games based on the number of reels, or the type of slots. You’re not sure about the game? Take it for a test drive it in free play casino game mode and see if it’s for you.

3. Dashboard and Deposits

From now on, Drake Casino players will have their own dashboard to overview their casino history and account. Furthermore, Drake Casino’s ‘Quick Fire Deposit’ feature will allow for fast and simple deposits based on your preference. There’s a plethora of payment options for deposits and withdrawals as well. If you have any questions about payments at Drake Casino, you can contact them via mail ([email protected]), live chat, or phone (1-866-369-2684).

+1 New Bonus Code at Drake Casino

If you’re not a Drake Casino member yet, sign-up for an account and claim a 100% up to $5,000 bonus on your first three deposits. Once you have an account, you can use the new ‘FREESPINS’ bonus code at Drake Casino to claim 50 freebies to play with. Last but not least, if you like online casino tournaments, make sure to register, as Drake Casino is the number one site for online slot, poker, and blackjack tournaments.

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