A Novelty Bet On Trump To Visit His In-Laws?

Posted: February 16, 2017

Updated: October 6, 2017

The novelty bet on Trump begins to be as traditionally essential as a wager on the Super Bowl or picking the winners at Royal Ascot. With a plethora of books on sites like Bet365 there’s just no excuse not to get involved, after all, a novelty wager on a novelty President seems entirely apt, n’est pas? Today, however, we focus on who the Donald will first inflict with an overseas presidential visit.

1st Trump Overseas Visit

France – 22/1
India – 20/1
Israel – 14/1
China – 12/1
Italy – 10/1
Ireland – 9/1

Whilst many gamblers stick to the old mainstays like horse racing or football, and their famous competitions like the Kentucky Derby or World Cup, Grand National or Euro 2016 draw pots of punters from around the world, there is a growing section of the recreational gaming market that sees no particular kudos in wagering only on these sporting events, and for them placing a novelty bet is just placing a bet. On sites like Bet365 a bet on Trump is no more or less bizarre than a wager on Chelsea.

Perhaps growth in this segment of the market is a direct result of people no longer needing to leave the sofa to take advantage of US gambling laws being a century out of date and unaware of VPNs, calling your old time bookie to place a novelty bet would have been embarrassing. No one wants to call up Tony “No fingers” Mafiosi and start asking about the odds on who’ll be the next James Bond, on who’ll win the next series of Big Brother or start asking if you can bet on Trump to get impeached this year.

Novelty President Begets A Novelty Bet Bonanza At Bet365

Bet365 and the rest of the online gaming world have allowed a novelty bet to be something one can keep to oneself, and thus opens up a whole new world of possibilities to even the most hardened of gambling purists. Now obviously if you’re used to placing a bet on sports in US this might seem a little daunting, the sheer random nature of the novelty markets can be a tad distracting in of themselves, so to start out why not bet on Trump and who he’ll first inflict with an overseas visit as President.

1st Trump Overseas Visit

The Favorites

Mexico – 7/1
Russia – 7/1
England – 5/1
Canada – 10/3
Slovenia – 15/8

This is, of course, but one of a myriad of Trump related wagers available since he took up residency in the White House and surrounded himself with the cream of American greatness….like Micheal Flynn. Whilst you might initially be tempted to bet on Trump to be impeached or for him to fail to gain re-election in 2020, it is that first overseas visit that perhaps provides the most instant gratification and a slightly less binary market to play with. But who should you back at Bet365 to be first on Donald’s list?

Bet On Trump To Visit His In-Laws Before His Neighbors

Well North Korea is the outside chance on sites like Bet365 sitting at the back on 200/1, with Cuba on 80/1, Venezuela and Iraq on 66/1 and Brazil getting 40/1. Ze Germans get 33/1, something they’ll be quite glad about if the truth be told, and if you want to bet on Trump visiting Scotland first that’s a 25/1 shot which frankly I feel worth a punt given his heritage and love of golf. France get 22/1 just behind India at 20/1 and Israel at 14/1, after which the odds on this novelty bet get just a little bit tighter.

Bet On Trump To Visit North Korea

Could it happen?

China get 12/1 embarrassingly behind both Italy and The Philippines who garner 10/1 and Ireland who mysteriously get 9/1 to be first to have Trump visit, but if you’re in the US gambling news headlines will be of him kissing the tarmac in Dublin any time soon, you’re just nuts. More likely is Russia on 7/1, or England at 5/1 although Canada is at 10/3, however if you’re going to bet on Trump visiting anywhere it should be Slovenia, because POTUS or no, we all have to go see the in-laws sometime.

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