New Integrated Resorts Join Entertainment City’s Gaming Paradise – Part II

Entertainment City Philippines hospitality

Two more integrated resorts will be added to Entertainment City, which aims to be a massive entertainment complex in the Philippines.

The first two integrated resorts of the Philippine’s Entertainment City are already open for visitors. The City of Dreams Manila and the Solaire Resorts & Casino are visited by numerous tourists from all around the world, and this results in huge revenue opportunities for the island country’s tourism and gambling industry.

• Manila Bay Resorts suffered from major setbacks
• Resorts World Bayshore to be launched by 2018
• Great economic boost is expected

However, two more integrated resorts are expected to be launched by 2018. Incredible income boost is expected for the country’s economy thanks to the multi-million dollar investments. Resorts World Bayshore and Manila Bay Resorts are expected to be launched by 2018 with even more casino gaming options and accommodation of incredible luxury.

Entertainment City requires expensive investments

The first discussions in the Philippines to establish an entertainment complex have started around 10 years ago. The main idea was that in these entertainment complexes all gaming, entertainment and retail options would be available in addition to the services of the best restaurants and luxury hotels.

The aim with an integrated resort like this is to boost local economy. That is how Philippine officials have come to the idea of creating the Entertainment City in the Manila Bay area. Entertainment City already operates 2 integrated resorts, and 2 more are expected to be opened by 2018, according to Philippine gambling news.

Building an integrated resort is not a cheap project – each of these investments require a minimum of 1 billion dollars. All these integrated resorts will be able to work on gross floor area of 250,000 square meters. The maximum area made available for gaming cannot be more than 7.5% of the overall floor plan.

Solaire Resort and Casino Manila luxury hotel

Integrated resorts like the Solaire are primarily luxurious accommodations, to attract gamblers

Building a retail space of at least 20,000 square meters is another one of the requirements. Entertainment City will be an area of 100 hectares on the Manila waterfront, providing all kinds of facilities to the visitors. More than 1 million tourists will be expected each year, and the integrated resorts will create 40,000 new jobs in the country.

Solaire Resort & Casino is Entertainment City’s first integrated resort

Manila’s first integrated resort is Solaire Resort & Casino, which was opened on 18 March, 2013. This property has been built for 1.2 billion dollars. online gambling sites in the Philippines report that the constructions have started in 2010. A spectacular ceremony was held in June 2012.

Paul Steelman was hired to design the multi-million dollar project. Steelman is a well-known name in architecture, and he is the owner of Steelman Partners LLC – a Las Vegas-based architecture firm. Paul Steelman’s portfolio includes designing the City of Macau Dreams and The Star in Sidney, among many other notable projects. Thanks to his previous works, he is regarded as a legendary architect.

The first integrated resort of the Philippines is situated in a 8.3 hectare area in Entertainment City. The land features a five-star hotel that boasts a beautiful view to the amazing Manila Bay, a spectacular landmark. A 18,500 square meter casino has also been opened with a total of more than 300 gaming tables for playing poker, blackjack, roulette and all the other popular casino games.

Slot gaming enthusiasts should also give a try to the integrated resort as more than 1,200 slot machines are available to play. In addition, high rollers can enjoy the 6,000 square meters VIP salon. And the unbelievably great casinos are just small part of the integrated resorts as terrific night clubs and luxury restaurants can also be enjoyed in addition to the incredibly comfortable accommodation of the highest quality.

All integrated resorts of Entertainment City should be launched by 2018

Entertainment City Manila City of Dreams

A lot is expected from the City of Dreams

The second integrated resort of Entertainment City was launched officially on 2 February, 2015. This one is called the City of Dreams Manila, which was designed by ASYA Design Partners. The integrated resort’s casino spreads over 1,700 square meters, where more than 1,700 slot machines and 380 gaming tables can be found.

Online gambling websites report that the third integrated resort to be built in Entertainment City will be Manila Bay Resorts. This one will be operated by Tiger Resorts Leisure and Entertainment. This is a USD 2 billion project which has been suffering from a few setbacks due to Philippine gambling laws.

The last integrated resort of Entertainment City will be called the Resorts World Bayshore, which will be developed by Alliance Global Group Inc. and Genting Hong Kong Ltd. Resorts World Bayshore is expected to open doors in 2018, however in the beginning of the constructions, it was expected to be ready by 2016.

The biggest question of all is whether or not Entertainment City will prove its worth and bring an economic boost to the tourism and gambling industry of the Philippines. Once all 4 integrated resorts will be launched, millions of tourists will be expected to visit the country each year and millions of dollars will be spent due to the entertainment complexes, which could contribute greatly to the economy of the Philippines.

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