Blackjack Card Counting Masters Reveal Their Stories – Part 2


Posted: August 31, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Rick Blaine and his friend Nicky reveal their stories about the blackjack card counting phenomena

Betting low is crucial when starting your blackjack card counting march in a casino. It is a way to enter in the game slowly, unnoticed by anyone and just look like someone who surprisingly has the luck on his side that day. Acting in that way is also part of the whole scenario.

• It is crucial to stay anonymous while winning
• Stay on the gambling table only for the planned time
• A real card counter is the one that can get away with it

At the most famous Vegas casinos nobody raises suspicions until the amount of USD 10,000 is reached. So the whole strategy of beating a casino must be made according to this well-known information, report gambling news. The card counters use this amount as a sign when the alarms of the casino will be put on. But this is in the same time a signal for the team that they should start with more careful operations, since they are also being observed then. Their task is double: to pass unnoticed and to make successful calculations and counting.

How to cover blackjack card counting? Act as it was pure luck

According to Blaine one has to camouflage a big play in many different ways. It is a whole scenario going on behind. “Most card counters play consistent, predictable, they’re like robots. I try to use instincts when I sense I’m being watched. I hit them big, get out of there, and they just think I got lucky” states Blaine. But it is always important to stay under the radar. When someone is winning, the casinos want to find out, who the guy. And one of the first things they do is to try to check him in the computer software. However Blain is in the blackjack card counting “business” for 35 years already, report gambling websites online. But the casinos have never find out anything in their computer software about him. Unlike guys who are banned from every casino in the world, like Blaine’s friend Nicky, he has always been successful in hiding his identity.

Nicky is one of those people that can be called passionate card counters. He is developing blackjack card counting strategies for more than 40 years and during the 1990’s he says that he made a strategy that goes down to science. The main problem was that it was too good not to be noticed, report online gambling sites in the US. Another was that he soon became famous in gambling circles, so that he couldn’t even walk in front of the casinos without being noticed. However now he likes his anonymity back. “If I’m gonna play, the first thing I do is grow my beard,” he says. “Then I dye it. Then I add earrings. Then a hat.” Says Nicky adding that Halloween is the greatest occasion for him as once he put his arm in a sling pretending that he was one-armed. He once made USD 300,000 on a holiday when he successfully hide his identity.

Stop with the blackjack card counting when the clock buzzes!

Hangover Alan blackjack card counting

Blackjack card counting is more of a discipline, than a skill

Although banned in all of the big spots in Las Vegas, Nicky still does not stop with the blackjack card counting. Now when he is retired from the lending business he uses the winters to spend some time in Aruba where he plays in 11 casinos. And as he reports he still hasn’t been caught there. How does he do this? Well he sets his watch on 1 hour and 15 minutes game. When the clock buzzes he stands up and leaves the table immediately without taking into consideration how up he is at that moment. As he adds it is the only measure that he can take in order to stay anonymous for the casinos.

Nowadays is more difficult than ever before for a card counter to pass unnoticed by the casinos, report online casinos in the US. The casinos are already aware of the most common signals that the practitioners of the card counting are communicating between each other. They are familiar also with the way they usually act. They also have hundreds of cameras that are analyzed in special rooms by former card counters. However, as Blaine says, the art in blackjack card counting is to get away with it. As long as you can do it you can be considered to be a successful black jack card counter.

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