New Jersey Gambling Laws

Gambling laws in New Jersey concerning online poker, casinos, lotteries, fantasy sports, sports betting

Let’s overview the key New Jersey gambling laws, on the subject of almost all forms of gambling. If you consider gambling in the US, New Jersey might be your perfect destination.

New Jersey Gambling Laws

New Jersey gambling laws are the most permissive in the whole US. The state is home to one of the world’s gambling capitals, Atlantic City. Unfortunately, the once blooming casino resorts are not attracting as much players as they used to, since all the neighboring states have loosened their gambling laws.

The state’s casino revenues have dropped by 50% in the previous years, leading to the closure of some iconic Atlantic City casinos. Most recently, it was the Trump Plaza that has filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors. The situation has escalated to the point where legislators are considering a state takeover of Atlantic City’s finances.

Gambling in New Jersey is a legal and regulated activity within the borders of a clear and refreshingly modern legislative framework. The state’s legal definition of gambling is “risking of something of value upon outcome of contest of chance or future contingent event not under actor’s control.” Overall, gambling is not criminalized if it happens at authorized venues.

Sports betting in New Jersey is causing huge controversy, according to US gambling laws. The state’s attempt to legalize betting on professional sports was met with opposition from sports associations. The leagues sued New Jersey over sports betting, saying that the state breaches federal law. Since then, there have been several court cases, ending with New Jersey’s defeat. Until a settlement, only pari-mutuel wagering on licensed horse racetracks is allowed.

Online Gambling in New Jersey

Online gambling in New Jersey has been legal since 2011, but there are certain restrictions to it. The servers operating the casinos must be located at licensed land-based casinos. This is due to the New Jersey gambling laws, which allow casino-style gambling only at such establishments. Therefore, international gambling sites cannot operate legally in New Jersey without a partnership with one of the Atlantic City casinos.

Playing at New Jersey online gambling sites is permitted only from computers located in New Jersey. Gamblers have to be at least 21 years old to enjoy the games. In the first year of its legalization, the revenues from online gambling exceeded USD 100 million. Currently, there are 17 legal online casinos in New Jersey. The list of authorized casinos can be found on the official sites of the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Lotteries in New Jersey

The New Jersey Lottery is a state-run agency, offering 7 games, such as draw-games and scratch cards. It was established in 1969 by The State Lottery Law. “New Jersey Lottery law requires that a minimum of 30 percent of revenue be contributed to the state on behalf of its beneficiaries,” puts the official website of the New Jersey Lottery. The revenues go to the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Human Services, Military and Veterans Affairs and Higher Education Services. New Jersey Lottery tickets are available at licensed resellers.

Daily Fantasy Sports in New Jersey

“We have a draft of a bill that we are circulating to a variety of people, the Division of Gaming Enforcement, the Casino Control Commission, other legislators, as well as people in the fantasy sports industry, to take a look at what might be appropriate for New Jersey to do,” said Senator Jim Whelan in 2015 about the future of Daily Fantasy Sports in New Jersey. The Bill’s draft was published on the 27th of October, 2015.

New Jersey lawmakers are keen to regulate Daily Fantasy Sports in the state. However, Governor Chris Christine does not consider daily fantasy sports to be gambling. Legislators held many meetings about the games, but there’s still no clear framework for the regulation of Daily Fantasy Sports in New Jersey.

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