New Jersey Online Gambling May Not Work Close to State Borders

New Jersey Online Casinos Will Not Work in Areas Close to the State Borders and Many Punters will be Excluded

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In a pretty big piece of gambling news for Americans, New Jersey’s brand new online gambling, set for launch on November 26th, may not actually work close to state borders. In fact, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) are recommending any gambling fans to move if they want to take advantage of the service.

One of the key parts of the new American gambling laws is that any online gambling activities are restricted to within state borders. As such, New Jersey have bought in specialist geo location technology firms, who have installed virtual fences to prevent out of state players from accessing the casinos. Those fences, however, are just inside the state border, leaving some players stranded in no mans land.

As such, while most of New Jersey enjoys the new American internet casinos, some citizens will be unable to exercise their newly legal right to gamble.

New Jersey DGE director, David Rebuck, commented on the news, saying: “Unfortunately for some people, there may not be sufficient verification that they are in New Jersey, even if they are, and they’ll be denied.”

This is just the latest hitch to hit the nascent online gambling market in the US, as it attempts to make up ground on a very advanced European marketplace. While Delaware are live, they have confirmed that online casinos will mainly be used as marketing tools for their land based casinos. Meanwhile, Nevada’s online operations do not include casinos at all.

New Jersey, on the other hand, was hoping to be the first of the states to have online gambling up and running, but it has ended up being the last of the three. With Atlantic City still struggling, the hope is that online gambling will help boost tax revenue within the state.

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