New Jersey Sports Betting Legal Dispute Costs US Taxpayers $2.8 million

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New Jersey faces an uphill battle to introduce sports betting to Atlantic City casinos, as certain challenges stand in the way.

The state has spent over $2.8 million in efforts to offer sports betting services through its AC casinos, however government officials and sports leagues are in stark opposition.

Currently, US gambling laws still do not allow sportsbooks in the state of New Jersey. The East coast state has been trying to get a reversal on the sports gambling ban for a number of years now, although there have been some discussions within government officials in recent times.

New Jersey Senator Shirley Turner commented on the matter, “We have an $800 million budget deficit. We don’t have the money to spend on something on which the odds were long. It could have been better spent for so many other things, to help people in the state who need the help.”

Sports gambling industry is quite lucrative

If successful in legalizing its sport gambling pursuits, then NJ would join the ranks of the other privileged states whose residents maintain the right to bet on sports in the US. One such state is Nevada.

In 2013, Nevada has raked in over $200 million solely from sportsbooks operations. One of the reasons for the vigorous pursuit of sports gambling in New Jersey, is due to their decrease in economic activity.

Sports betting would allow the state to generate much needed additional income, as many have expressed a desire to see the practice become a reality.

Although lawmakers have all voted in favor of sports betting in the state, many experts believe that the Supreme Court will not rule in their favor.

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