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Lottery Jackpot Prizes

The best lotto jackpot reviews will have seen this coming. The UK parliament has been wagging a finger at the gaming industry for quite a while. The demands that the National Lottery jackpot prizes be reserved for over 18s alone are thus par for the course. What is a little more unusual is just how readily the gaming industry, and particularly Camelot, seem amenable. After the very combative spat over FOBTs is the gaming industry finally accepting some restraint?

Shame the gambling industry portrayed stake limits on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals as the end of the world. The government called their bluff of mass redundancies, shop closures, and bankruptcies. The threats to sports sponsorship went unheeded. The government moved ahead and the world span on. Perhaps this why they have been so receptive to the limiting of lottery jackpot prizes to the over 18s. It’s not as if they have much of legitimization for the status quo.

I always thought it should be 18.” Former sports minister Tracey Crouch said. Her attempt to introduce a higher age requirement didn’t go through. Now, however, the calls from a range of parliamentarians may herald a sea change. They want National lottery jackpot prizes available to adults and currently, that isn’t the case. Any sixteen years old in the UK can vie for the best lottery jackpots. A recent report said up to 200,000 players could be in this young age group. 

Youth To Be Barred From Lottery Jackpot Prizes 

The House of Lords report demonstrated 55,000 children have a gambling problem. Vast numbers of these started gambling on the National Lottery. This has had a significant negative impact on them. That’s why Ronnie Cowan, MP for Inverclyde, called it a “quiet killer”. So limiting the chasing of lottery jackpot prizes to adults seems inevitable. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, of course. Oh no. Partly this is just another crackdown on “vice” to win votes.

Portraying all young people as irresponsible and uncomprehending, in danger, and under threat is easy. After the FOBT debacle, the industry has to be very careful it doesn’t appear exploitative. Camelot has thus been “reasonably relaxed” about the discussions. Camelot CEO Nigel Railton even said, “For 25 years the age has been 16, so it is probably a good time to look at it.” Progressive jackpot lotteries do not allow minors to play along and chase after lottery jackpot prizes.  

“Our research showed a robust link between legal youth gambling and adult gambling problems.”

  • Dr Steve Sharman

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Naturally, this won’t affect players on sites like Lotto Agent, however, this does show the government now has teeth. This can’t possibly come into effect until 2023 when the license is up for renewal. So parliament is getting their ducks in a row well ahead of time. Lottery jackpot prizes and young people make for impressive tabloid stories. Doing nothing would appear uncaring, but since all they can do is “call for change” they’re not actually doing anything really.

Lottery Jackpot Prizes
Always count in the taxes!

The UK national lottery is one of the best lotteries to play in the world. It does not need this bad publicity. Camelot has been fortunate to access this youth market for as long as it has. Time, however, marches on. They’ll accept the new rules in 2023 because they’ll have no choice. Gambling was never for kids. So once again lottery jackpot prizes will be the preserve of the veterans of childhood, those who understand and deserve the chance. You know, adults.

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We take a look at why lottery jackpot prizes might be restricted to over eighteens in the UK.

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