New Mobile Gambling Opportunities in Denmark

Posted: June 22, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

Online gambling software company Betware launches a suit of mobile casino games in Denmark.

Betware, online gambling solutions company, and Danish state lottery company Danske Spil has introduced a new selection of mobile gambling offers in full compliance with Danish gambling laws.

Betware’s proprietary Smartphone Suite consists of lotto, instant, and sports games, and will further increase the diversity of mobile casinos in Denmark.

Managing director of Danske Licens Spil, Jens Aalose told Denmark gambling news: “We can already see that our players are adopting [the new offering] quickly. Going forward, we expect to continue adding the popular scratch games through all our distribution channels, where mobile is taking an increasingly important role”.

The new mobile casino games are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, and utilizes the capabilities of modern smartphones to the fullest: players can shake the iPhone to randomly select lotto numbers, of swipe their finger to “scratch” off the instant win games.

The mobile sports betting offering allows punters to place wagers while they are enjoying their favorite sporting event.

Aalose continued to say: “We want to reach out to all demographics of players, whether that is the mobile, desktop or retail player. Our strategy is to offer our players the best content with maximum convenience, and the smartphone sports solution from Betware is a great step in that direction. The initial results look very promising indeed”.

CEO of Betware, Stefan Hrafnkelsson, also commented the deal: “We are excited about this launch, especially after the successful introduction of smartphone Lotto for the Icelandic National Lottery in 2011, and are confident that it will positively influence the Danish gaming market.”

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