New Poker Bill and Online Gambling Discussions Set to Commence in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania hopes to realize its online gambling ambitions in the coming weeks, as discussion prove successful with relevant stakeholders.

State Senator Edwin Erickson vowed to introduce a new mobile betting bill “in the next few weeks.” The Senator intends to take an approach that will be met with the least amount of resistance from opposition. His SB 1386 will include poker-only, a strategy that he identifies as the “best for the introduction of interactive gaming.”

Facilities holding existing casino licenses would be able to apply for the new licenses, while any institutions that have violated the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act would not be able to apply.

The new online poker and online gaming license would cost providers $5 million, and it would be taxed at 14% of the gross revenue attained from operations.

Illinois experiences hits wall in gambling talks

Illinois State Representative Bob Rita wanted to start a legislation that would see the construction of one or more casinos in or around Chicago. However, due to ongoing disagreements between the relevant parties concerned, no plans have advanced.

Additionally, online casino gambling proposals have been made previously, however that seem rather unlikely now. State President John Cullerton stated in March that the land-based plans must be resolves first, and then the subject might move on to the online gambling issue.

Rita will hope to continue the talks into the summer, and possible introduce the bill in a special “veto” session in the coming autumn.

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