Thailand Authorities Remain Vigilant for Illegal Sportsbetting Practices

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Despite being involved in a military coup, the authorities of Thailand still try to enforce the law when it comes to illegal gambling.

Recently the Thai police arrested six Australian and one New Zealander for operating an illegal sportsbook joint. People were able to place bets on Australian horse races, which is prohibited by Thai law.

Mobile betting is against the law in Thailand, while only land-based racing bets are permitted on domestic races. Any other form of gambling is heavily penalized by the government.

Despite staging military coup, the authorities still found the time to enforce the law regarding gambling. Considering that the FIFA World Cup in Brazil is set to commence imminently, the military’s deputy spokesman addressed the army and police on national television to remain on constant vigilance about illegal sportsbooks.

Thailand’s strict gambling laws

According to Thailand gambling laws, set by the 1935 Gambling Act, betting on anything but horse races or lottery is illegal. However, a survey conducted in 2013 by the Center for Gambling Studies showed that nearly 57% of its 5,000 participants acknowledged to being regular gamblers.

IN addition, just below 10% of the subjects admitted to betting on football, with average bets amounting to 260,000 baht ($8,000).

Another study also found that many bets are handled through agents, which take in part of the winnings as commission. Less common are the wagers placed through small-scale gambling dens.

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