New Regulations for Online Gambling in the Netherlands May Be Postponed

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According to lawyer Ewout Keuleers, political differences regarding the tax parameters of internet gambling in the Netherlands, may be the reason for the delayed new regulations regarding this business with a period of one year.

The lawmakers have been discussing the framework of the Dutch gambling laws for the past three years, defining the national regulation as well as drafting the Remote Gambling Bill, which is currently in parliament, waiting for final approval.

Still, despite the final stage of the whole process, which is already reached, the tax question seems to be controversial. The Dutch Labor Party requires equal tax rate for both land and remote gambling, and is putting pressure by claiming to withdraw its support, if its request is not secured.

The potential effect of too high tax rates

Keuleers, who is renowned gaming law expert, said for the gambling news that there is a chance that the bill will be approved in the second part of 2015, therefore the required licensing process, might take more time, up to the end of 2015.

Currently, Dutch lawmakers are asking for a 20% of GGR tax rate, which according to Henrik Tjarnström, Unibet CEO will only encourage Dutch online gamblers to use “grey market” unlicensed operators.

He suggested 10% rate as more realistic and fair, which was supported by Keuleers, who said that a 10% rate will ensure more sustainability to the Dutch online gambling market.

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