New UGW 2020 Date: Postponed to 24-25 February


Posted: October 30, 2020

Updated: October 30, 2020

  • Ukraine's laws are becoming more and more strict
  • Mass events are regulated, number of attendees is limited
  • New UGW 2020 date: 24-25 February

As a result of the decision made by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, travellers remain unable to visit the country until the 31st of December, 2020. As the event was supposed to happen on 26-27 November, it is obvious that they had to change the date. The new UGW 2020 date is 24-25 February, 2021. It was a necessary decision to make for several obvious reasons. The laws in Ukraine are becoming more serious now. For example, mass events face several restrictions when it comes to visitors.

Ukraine is, of course, not the only country with extensive restrictions introduced to the country. They are basically following a global trend, unfortunately. Poland, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and many other countries also introduced similar laws and restrictions.

Smile-Expo is the company that is responsible for organizing the Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020 in Kiyv. They take their job seriously. Their number one priority is the health of their attendees, speakers, sponsors, media partners, and exhibitors. They do not want to put anyone’s life at risk and they want to make sure that everyone will remain safe.

The Reasons Behind the Need for a New UGW 2020 Date

So far, the organizers claimed that they will make sure the event is happening. However, their task will not be easy because of the series of restrictions that keep coming up. Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020 is one of the largest events in the country, but the regulations don’t really allow such events to happen. In addition, quality networking is quite hard in a situation like this.

UGW 2020 aims to be a global event. People and gambling businesses from all over the world should be able to be there. Their country of residence should not disallow anyone to enter the event. The goal of the event is to help a global network to form, without any borders and limitations. However, as many countries are still under serious restrictions, it is quite a hard project to execute at this time. Those, who decide to travel to Ukraine, might face uncertainty. This would discourage most people from going in the first place.

That is why a new UGW 2020 date was a necessary decision to make. They will hold the event in the beginning of next year.

New UGW 2020 Date: February 24-25

By February, hopefully, the situation will get way better. This way, everyone who marked “Interested”, will be able to actually attend the event either as a guest or as an exhibitor. And what’s even better: they will be able to safely do so.

The postponement has one more huge advantage as well. Thanks to this, the organizers will be able to provide even better services with even more intense program schedules. In addition, easy access to foreign as well as Ukrainian visitors and delegates will also be offered by the event-holders.

New UGW 2020 date, Ukrainian Gaming Week event Kiev

The Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020 will be the largest gambling event after the legalization of the gambling business. About this, we already wrote once before, you can check it here. The event will bring together industry leaders whose goal is to revive the legal gambling market in Ukraine.

As it is one of the largest events in the gambling industry, obviously, you can expect to see experts – both from Ukraine and abroad. In addition, there will be a party with the UGW Awards ceremony. You will also be able to visit open lecture sessions as well as checking gambling products and services will be possible, too. And you can attend a conference featuring lawmakers. You shouldn’t miss this event!

2020 Ukrainian Gaming Week Organizer and Venue

The international Smile-Expo company will host the event. They focus on the organization of events dedicated to innovations. The Ukrainian Gaming Week will take place on February 24-25 in Kyiv at the International Exhibition Centre.

You can join the event’s official Telegram chat to keep yourself updated on all the news about UGW. Sponsors, guests, speakers, exhibitors… Everybody will be there. They will all be united. Chat participants will be able to exchange contacts, build networks, discuss timely issues, and ask each other interesting questions that might be relevant for all members of the group chat.

Click here to learn more about the program and for registration

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