Next Germany Manager Odds: Will Jogi Low Be Sacked?

After the World Cup humiliation, Jogi Low career is shrouded in uncertainty. Will DFB sack him and bring in new blood? Here are our thoughts on next Germany manager odds.

After going home this early for the first time since 1938, with embarrassing two defeats in group-stage at Russia 2018, speculations by online sportsbooks in Germany went high on the next Germany manager odds. Of course players share lots of blame on what happened on the pitch, but at the end of the day, control of the locker room, tactics, and lineup are all in the hands of the manager. Jogi Low could be on the lookout, but what about the price of sending him off, and who could replace him to rebuild the Mannschaft?  

Low’s Head on a Stick

Bookmakers who expect Jogi Low to leave anytime soon base their thoughts on Low being in charge since 2006, so maybe he just ran out of steam. Others suggest Low might not survive the harsh criticism from the media and the German public, especially that there are many rumors on Low being unable to settle locker room issues, and choosing badly his lineup against South Korea.

In spite of that, Jogi Low signed a new deal shortly before the tournament started, and if DFB decide to let him go that will mean a huge loss of around €15 million. After all Low achieved great success with the Mannschaft since he took over the team in 2006, reaching eight semi-finals at major events in a row, reigning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the 2017 Confederations Cup. Could the trophy collection save his reputation, or its time for Germany to make a fresh start for Euro 2020?

Next Germany Manager Odds

Jürgen Klopp
Jürgen Klopp

Probably his new contract that would take Low to 2022, three more tournaments, keep him on top of next Germany manager odds at Bwin Sportsbook with (1.55). The best guy who could be the logical successors is of course Jurgen Klopp, but he has been placed seventh on the list with (13.00) odds, obviously because he has no intentions to leave Anfield anytime soon, as he holds on great hopes to collect some trophies at the upcoming season.

That leaves us with another strong candidate, who could be under consideration by the DFB, and he is already a part of Germany national team’s couching staff. He is the Germany under-21 manager Stefan Kuntz who has just celebrated the European Championship victory over Spain in last summer. His odds are (4.00) at Bwin Sportsbook, and when DFB decide to bring his men to the senior level, they could bring him as well. So do you think it is time for Germany’s new generation to come in, or DFB will opt against sacking their manager at this point?

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