Bet on David de Gea’s next Premier League Season

Even casual football viewers know that Spain had a premature exit at the 2018 World Cup. David de Gea is partly to blame for that blunder, as he left the tournament “with the worst statistics of any goalkeeper for 52 years.” To capitalize on the football community’s ever-increasing interest in the Spanish goalkeeper’s future, Unibet Sportsbook has opened a bet on David de Gea’s 2018/2019 Premier League season.

Bet on David de Gea

Footballs fans are invited to predict how many goals the Spanish goalkeeper will concede at Manchester United. The odds for him to concede 29 or less in the next season are 3/4. The bookies consider the other option only slightly less likely: the odds are 19/20 for 30 or more goals.

De Gea is at a turning point in his career and badly needs to redeem himself. Will he manage to do so? One’s answer depends on what one sees as the reason for de Gea’s fall from grace.

What happened to David de Gea at the World Cup?

Before the tournament began, de Gea had been considered one of the favorites to win the Golden Glove. And then his quickly diminishing odds made online sportsbook news in Spain again and again.

No one is sure what caused him to underperform. AS, a Madrid sports daily, went so far as to say that “nobody can explain” how the goalkeeper fDavid de Geaailed to save Golovkin’s penalty.

It seems probable, though, that de Gea fell victim to the pressure placed on him. As Gamingzion has argued, the psychological battles at the Premier League, where de Gea had been so successful, are very different from the “mental toughness” a World Cup requires. The ability to focus under pressure is worth more than technical skills at World Cups where there is little room to make up for a mistake. The higher number of matches in the Premier League means that more time is available for players to compensate for potential blunders.

Should you bet on David de Gea to redeem himself?

While the Spanish press pulled de Gea to pieces, his Manchester United teammates were very supportive. They posted on his Instagram, for instance, that he was still “the best goalkeeper in the world.” Such encouragement is important in creating an atmosphere where de Gea could excel again.

Still, Unibet Sportsbook draws the line at 29 goals, which means that de Gea would need to match his best performances to bring profit to fans betting on him. As the official statistics show, the goalkeeper barely stayed under the 29-goal limit in the last season, when he was even awarded the Premier League Golden Glove. In the previous two seasons he conceded only 28 and 29 goals, respectively, but between the 2015/2016 and 2013/2014 seasons he consistently went over the limit set by online betting sites in the UK.

No. of goals conceded by de Gea in the Premier League

  • 2017/2018: 28
  • 2016/2017: 29
  • 2015/2016: 33
  • 2014/2015: 36
  • 2013/2014: 43
  • 2012/2013: 26
  • 2011/2012: 29

Obviously, the number of goals the Spanish goalkeeper will concede depends not only on his future performance but also on Manchester United’s defensive players. But there will be some added pressure on de Gea, who needs to show his absolute best to make up for his World Cup failures, and this might be cause for concern. After all, we have seen that de Gea does not exactly shine under pressure.

While he will undoubtedly work hard and probably have a good season, it is unlikely that the increasing tension will allow him to match his best years. Thus, we at Gamingzion are betting on David de Gea to concede more than 29 goals in the 2018/2019 Premier League season. Considering de Gea’s previous records, we consider the 19/20 return offered by Unibet Sportsbook to be quite favorable.

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