Bet on World Cup QFs: Should we Expect France, Brazil, Croatia and England in the Semi Finals?

Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal are already out. Check out who’s left and bet on World Cup QFs!

World Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony
Only 8 teams left alive. Who's the best?

The tournament itself is getting more and more exciting as we are approaching towards the end, and hence it’s also becoming even more tempting to bet on World Cup QFs!

Online sportsbook news sites in Russia are becoming more and more hopeful about their nation’s chances regarding the World Cup trophy, but they are not alone. They will face underdogs Croatia and one of them will reach the semi-finals. Only 8 teams left in the race, check out the chances and bet on World Cup QFs!

Will France eliminate Uruguay?

Both teams won their groups. Uruguay won 4 their 4 matches so far, trashing hosting nation Russia 3-0 and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal 2-1 in the previous round, for example. France wasn’t that convincing in the group stages but they are also unbeaten: France tied against Denmark but beat both Peru and Australia.

In the Round of 16, they both played great matches. As mentioned above, Uruguay faced Portugal where sites in the online sportsbook directory expected Portugal to win, but Cavani’s double put Uruguay in the Quarter-Finals. On the other hand, France played an even better game against Argentina. Griezmann’s penalty took the lead for France, Argentina equalized then overcame thanks to Di María’s and Mercado’s goals, but then came Pavard’s perfect shot and then the Mbappé show peeked.

The youngster scored a double and decided the game. Agüero managed to score another one for Argentina but that was only to set the final result to 4-3 instead of 4-2. Mbappé was the hero of the day and he will hope to do something similar against Uruguay as well. But they conceded only one goal so far during the tournament, in 4 matches. Can France beat Uruguay?

According to the odds to bet on World Cup QFs, they most definitely can. The odds for France to win against Uruguay are 1.96, while the odds for Uruguay to win against France are 4.50. Can Uruguay go on to the World Cup SFs once again after 2010? You can find pretty tempting odds, so if you have hopes in the South American team, you might want to bet on World Cup QFs to go successfully for Suarez and his mates…

Check out the odds for Croatia v Russia

The second day in the World Cup Round of 16 was the day od penalties. First it was Spain facing the hosting nation’s team. While online sportsbook sites in Russia were sure that it was going to be an easy game for La Furia Roja, they didn’t play convincing at all. Russia held out for a draw and the game went on to penalty shootout.

David De Gea continued in his superb World Cup form so he failed to save at least one shot on target. Even in the penalty shootout, he was chanceless. Unlike Akinfeev, who saved Koke’s and Iago Aspas’ penalties, winning the game for Russia and hence qualifying his nation for the World Cup QFs.

They were waiting for the opponents from the winner of the Croatia v Denmark match. It seemed like a much better game as Denmark took the lead as early as the very first minute, and Croatia equalized in the 4th. However, nothing really happened in the remaining 116 minutes, so this game also went on to penalties.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Croatia had one superb attack in the 115th minute with a perfect assist from Modric. The Danish defender kicked the striker who were in an open goal. The Dane didn’t receive a red card which he should have, he survived with a yellow. And penalty for Croatia. Luka Modric took it and missed it.

And then came the penalty shootout, where team captain Luka Modric had to take another penalty. What a pressure! He came and he scored, and no matter how amazing saves Kasper Schmeichel of Denmark has performed, they still became the losing side. Croatia will play against Russia and if you want to bet on World Cup QFs, you will find 2.18 odds for Croatia to win and 3.80 odds for Russia to win.

Bet on Brazil v Belgium!

Day 3 was started with the Brazil v Mexico derby, which was one of the most expected game of the World Cup Round of 16. Obviously, World Cup favourite Brazil were the favourites for the encounter, but Mexico already eliminated Germany so who knew what was going to happen.

Well, as much as they played well, they were powerless against Brazil. First it was Willian who beat his defender, ran fast and centered perfectly to Neymar, who only had to put the ball into the empty goal. Then Mexico tried to attack and Brazil hit them on a counter attack: Neymar was in a clear cut chance and the goalkeeper managed to save first, but Firmino found the ball and was cruel with the finish. 2-0.

Then the Belgium v Japan match kicked off. There were no online sports betting sites who could have predicted this game. Everyone thought that Belgium will easily win. They have a much better team, they have much better players, they are among the top favourites to win the trophy. If you want to bet on World Cup QFs, you must start with Belgium qualifying.

That’s not really what was going on in bettors’ minds when Haraguchi took the lead for Japan in the 48th minute. Or 4 minutes later after Inui’s terrific long-range shot, which doubled the Japanese advantage. But Belgium resurrected. Vertonghen, after giving away the first goal, scored one for his team from an accidental header.

Then the manager’s superb substitutions decided. Fellaini and Chadli came in. Both scored, the first from another header, the second with a fast counter attack in the 94th minute, when everyone was getting ready for the extra time. Belgium came back and won the match from 2 down. It was indeed an outstanding performance in the last 30 minutes.

If against Brazil, we will see the Belgium of the last 30 minutes, then we are up for a terrific encounter. However, if Belgium will play the same way they did in the first 60 minutes, then they stand no chance against the Selecao. Odds to bet on World Cup QFs are of a similar opinion as well. The odds for Brazil to win are 2.12, while the odds for Belgium to win are 3.50.

Can England reach the semi-finals?

They have better chances than anyone else, really. The Three Lions are up to face Sweden in hopes of qualifying for the World Cup SFs and online sportsbook sites in the UK keep increasing their expectations towards the Southgate team. The odds for England to beat Sweden are 1.84, while the odds for Sweden to win against England are 4.60.

Sweden faced Switzerland in the Round of 16 and won 1-0 despite the fact that most betting sites regarded the Swiss side as slight favourites. The only goal of the match was scored by the Man of the Match himself: RB Leipzig’s Emil Forsberg. The other game was slightly more eventful.

England took the lead from a controversial penalty which was not even checked with the VAR for reasons unknown. Harry Kane, however, didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation and scored his 6th World Cup goal as England’s captain. England were seconds away from winning but Colombia’s corner in the 93rd minute made sure we see 30 more minutes of football: Barca defender Yerri Mina equalized in the very last seconds!

The game went on to a penalty shootout and it was actually England’s Henderson who missed the first penalty in the 3rd round. Colombia could have gotten to heaven but Uribe was too polite to accept the gift: he also missed, and so did Bacca. Dier didn’t however, so he qualified England for the World Cup QFs and they will face Sweden.

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