Is It Time To Bet On England To Win The World Cup?

England winning a penalty shoot out in the World Cup never happened before and now it has does this herald a great new era of English football? Can this win against a scrappy South American side be the foundation of a campaign that ends in a victorious final for the Three Lions wearers? Is it really time to hit up Bet365 and bet on England to win the 2018 World Cup in Russia? We take a look at the road ahead and the game against Sweden on Saturday.

Harry Kane
  • Will England ever win a penalty shoot out again and does it matter if they don’t?
  • Should you bet on England to in the 2018 World Cup In Russia on Bet365 at 4/1?
  • Are Brazil going to be victorious or come a cropper like Germany and Spain?
  • Do the 13/2 odds on France meeting England in the World Cup final tempt you?

“Animals” was the description of Colombia by Chris Waddle and given his pro-England bias you can understand the sentiment, the match was an ugly example of the beautiful game with the South American side being very physical and paying the penalty. In this case the penalty being a penalty that Harry Kane put away in the fifty seventh minute, and it looked to have sealed the deal until Yerry Mina equalized in the dying moments of extra time. Bet on England being defeated in extra time? You could have.

They looked demoralized and desperate with Colombia having much of it their own way but when the half hour was up England were in a World Cup penalty shoot out again and the same old script was coming true. As manager Southgate, himself a famous penalty misser, looked on, however, England managed the impossible and won the shoot out, the first time it’s ever happened. This booked themselves a place in the quarter finals, and made them a great bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 to win the World Cup.

A World Cup In Which Anything Is Possible For England

Yes, that’s right. England could actually win the World Cup. I know how that reads, believe me I’ve sat staring at that sentence for half an hour, but if England can win a knock out match in the World Cup on penalties literally anything is possible. Donald Trump could create world peace, Vladimir Putin could become Muslim, the Pope might come out as Gay and Brexit may even transpire to have been a good idea after all. Hell, right now not even that bet on England to win the World Cup looks at all insane.

On the “easy” side of the draw England now face a match against Sweden on Saturday and after that, if they win, a game against either the hosts Russia or Croatia, to earn a place in the final where they’d meet (everyone expects) Brazil. Is it unrealistic to take advantage of UK gambling laws and bet on England to get that far? Bet365 give 5/1 on an Brazil/England final, the shortest odds out there and frankly well worth snapping up, although the 3/1 Brazil are given on winning that encounter might please you less.

Bet On England To Win The World Cup At Bet365 Today

World Cup 2018

  • Sweden – 25/1
  • Russia – 20/1
  • Uruguay – 16/1
  • Croatia – 6/1
  • Belgium – 6/1
  • France – 4/1
  • England – 4/1
  • Brazil – 11/4

England are currently getting just 4/1 to win the World Cup at Bet365, and to put that in some perspective bookies will give you 500/1 on an alien invasion of planet Earth which, frankly, still instinctively seems more likely. France get the same odds on winning with a France/England final getting around 13/2, and whilst you might bet on England coming out of that one victorious Belgium, a team that has already brung blighty low, is at 6/1 to win the trophy, although they will have to get past far stronger opposition.

Oddly Croatia too get 6/1 at bookies like Bet365, Uruguay get 16/1 and Russia barely scrape a 20/1 price with Sweden at a rather unfair 25/1 although their lack of finish without Zlatan Ibrahimovic is manifest. If you’re in the UK gambling news headlines won’t scream of optimistic jingoism between now and Saturday, think again, you can always bet on the tabloid press to stoke the flames of hope, but this year maybe you can also bet on England to actually achieve the expectations of Fleet street. After all, anything is possible now.

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