NFL Biggest Douchebags

NFL Biggest Douchebags jerks douchery assholes

Who do you think would make the NFL Biggest Douchebags list at the moment? There are certainly some options and we went through the highest-profile douches.

The NFL is an association that from time to time tends to collect some of the biggest douchebags in world sport. Well, since there are 1696 active players on every weekend and injuries are regular things, there is a big crowd of players around the league all the time. From that number, there would always be a number of assholes, but somehow the NFL biggest douchebags always come out on the top. Some people would definitely consider the likes of Peyton Manning douche, but there are some really big jerks in this league right now.

Michael Vick

He might have served his jail time for what he did, but those who bet on sports in the US will never forget his involvement in those horrible dog fights. He might have changed since then but based on his off-field actions in the past, he will always be considered for the NFL Biggest Douchebags lists.

Richie Incognito

This guy is the classic primary school bully but he somehow remained in that role for good. He bullied his teammate Jonathan Martin to a point when the poor guy decided to leave the Miami Dolphins, and after a season, the NFL as well.

Johnny Manziel

Well this guy would have been a fantastic professional football player but he ended on the NFL biggest douchebags list. He actually made it soon after he joined the league. As a dual-treat college football star, it was obvious from the start that he has a lot to learn in order to adjust his playing style to the pros’ game. Knowing this, he spent his first year rather partying than studying football…

He failed to improve his attitude for his second season too, and even got into some domestic violence issues pushing her girlfriend’s head against the windshield during a row while sitting in his car. The Cleveland Browns, knowing that he remains one of the NFL biggest douchebags, released him after two years.

Philip Rivers

He could have become one of the best quarterbacks who ever played the game if he spent half the energy he uses for talking thrash to refine his playing skills. According to US gambling news, he is a devoted Christian and a family man off the field and still a wonderful player, but he is amongst the all-time NFL bests only regarding douchery skills.

Cortland Finnegan

This overly irritating cornerback can bring out the darker side even from those players who don’t even have one. Okay, this is kind of part of the game, but Finnegan steps over the limit of douchery regularly. Ask anyone involved in internet betting to assemble the NFL Biggest Douchebags list and Finnegan’s name will come up usually.

Ndamukong Suh

He was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL, this would be enough to make the list of the NFL biggest douchebags, right? But this guy is brutal, he obviously thinks that his job is to kill the opponent. Not to tackle but terminating them. Even if the play is already over. And with this kind of behavior, he regularly ruins the game of his team.

Ray Rice

This thing called Ray Rice was caught on camera knocking out his girlfriend. No bitch slapping, it was a proper punch that a pro fighter would envy. He is a free agent after his one year suspension for the domestic violence, and no wonder why nobody asks for his services. Screw this guy.

Roger Goodell

Amongst the NFL biggest douchebags, number one is obviously Commissioner Roger Goodell. Such an egoist hypocrite is a perfect leader for an association full of inconsistency, contradiction and controversy. The league is lucky that the strategic decisions are made by businessmen owning the teams instead of the commissioner leading the list of NFL biggest douchebags and his associates.

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