NFL Conference Championship Predictions – The 4 Best Teams

  • Two underdogs continue to prove everyone wrong
  • Can the Conference Championships be even wilder than the Divisional Round?
  • Chiefs remain favorites for Super Bowl LVI
  • Stay updated with these NFL Conference Championship predictions
NFL conference championship predictions

The NFL Conference Championship games are where the best teams from each conference emerge from the rest. It is in this round where the four best teams battle it out against each other and try to secure a spot in the finals, the Super Bowl. Arguably the most important football event in the world, the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal of every single team. If you’ve followed the NFL until now you know of the many surprises that happened this postseason. In this article, we’ll cover the NFL conference championship predictions for both games, mention the Super Bowl favorites, recap that insane divisional round weekend, and more. It feels like the regular season and the playoffs are two completely different worlds. Read on and find out why you don’t want to miss the upcoming games this weekend.

Football is the most covered sport on online sportsbook sites in the US but it even enjoys great popularity around the world. Despite people thinking it’s only a popular sport in the States, the NFL has a huge following in different parts of the world as well. The road to Super Bowl LVI began with the Wild Card round on January 15. We’re already through the thick of it and only four teams remain as we head into the Conference Championships this weekend. Predictions for these games are almost as popular as the Super Bowl itself. Despite being two events of different stature, betting on the Super Bowl is very similar to betting on the Conference Championships. There will be a two-week distance between the two events as the two best teams will only face each other on February 13. Who do you have winning at this point?

Divisional Round recap and Conference Championships information

The footballing world arguably had the most entertaining and intense weekend during the divisional round. All four games came down to a line. Some would say the most shocking outcomes were the elimination of the reigning champions, Tampa, and the best regular-season team, Green Bay. Additionally, some of the refereeing decisions made in these games caused a not surprising and usual uproar among the fans.

The bashing of referees, players’ performances, and coaching decisions are common. Even more so in the playoffs than during the regular season. The Bengals beat the Titans 19-16 and the 49ers left the Packers frozen with a 13-10 performance. The Rams knocked out reigning champions Tampa in a close 30-27 game and the Chiefs came back in a controversial overtime game and won 42-36 against the Bills. If you’ve seen these games live, congratulations because you witnessed some of the best football possible.

This week’s Conference Championship games could be even more exciting. Both the Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers entered their previous games as the underdogs and both walked away with the W. They’ll have to conjure up the same mixture of skill and luck this weekend. The two conference championships games will take place on Sunday, January 30. The Bengals will face the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium at 3:00 PM EST and the 49ers will take on the Rams at Sofi Stadium at 6:30 PM EST. This way, fans of the NFL and football can watch both games live, most likely. It’s safe to say that both the Conference Championship and Super Bowl odds and predictions were shaken up by recent events. We’re going to try to give you our best takes for the two upcoming games with these NFL Conference Championship predictions.

NFL Conference Championship Predictions Have Kansas Winning It All – AFC and Super Bowl

Exactly on January 30, 2022, at 3:00 PM EST, the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Kansas City Chiefs. The last time the Bengals made it this far in the playoffs was during the 1988-1989 season. They went all the way to the Super Bowl that year too, but can they recreate the same performance more than 30 years later?

The Chiefs’ dominance has been going on for a few years now so they’re the more experienced team here. Most online sportsbook sites in the US had Kansas as the Super Bowl winners long before the playoffs began but an update on those predictions wouldn’t hurt anyone. Many people underestimate Joe Burrow as he’s still only in his second year in the NFL. While he’s not familiar with the NFL playoffs setup, the 25-year old QB is no stranger to big stages.

The last time these two faced each other was during Week 17 of the regular season, on January 2. Burrow and co. managed to beat the Chiefs in a close 34-31 game. They were the underdogs in that game too. Everygame Sportsbook massively out favors the Bengals, giving the Chiefs -330 (76.7%) odds on moneyline and Cincinnati +270 (27%). The world continues to underestimate the Bengals and they just keep proving everyone wrong. The website also has Kansas going all the way and winning the Super Bowl at +110 odds and Cincinnati with +900 at the bottom of the table. Make sure you check out the odds for other categories as well including spread, total, and winning margin predictions. One thing is certain, if you told anyone before the season began that the Bengals would make it this far, they would’ve laughed at you.

The 49ers are Rising in Rankings Before the NFC Championship Game

The two best NFC teams are in a similar position as the AFC ones. The underdogs 49ers have a 10-7 regular-season record and the Rams finished the season with 12 wins and 5 losses. Just like the Bengals and the Chiefs. However, some things are different between these two. Both the 49ers and the Rams made it to the Super Bowl in the past three years. Naturally, that means both of them have won the conference championship game too.

NFL conference championship predictions
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San Francisco didn’t play well against Green Bay in the divisional round but lucky for them, the opponent was even worse. By eliminating first the Dallas Cowboys and now the Green Bay Packers, it makes us wonder, what’s the ceiling for the 49ers? Even though San Francisco has a worse record, they now rank higher in all major categories compared to LA.

These two last met during Week 18 where the 49ers beat the Rams 27-24 at SoFi Stadium. This postseason has been exceptionally amazing so far and it makes you think that this might be the year of the underdog. Of course, an underdog needs lower odds and lower odds they have. According to Everygame Sportsbook, the 49ers stand at +155 (39.2%) on moneyline odds compared to the Rams’ -175 (63.6%). All things considered, most of the teams in this year’s NFL conference championships were predicted to lose before these games. Football odds are not certain things. The Rams are also predicted to win the Super Bowl as second favorites with +200 and the 49ers as the third favorite with +500. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to see a Bengals-49ers SB matchup this year? We’ll find out this Sunday, don’t forget to put your game face on.

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