NFL Draft Betting: Pick Your Favorites and Win Big With the Best Odds From the Bookies

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Betting on NFL Draft is extremely popular and will be very exciting this year, full of rewarding betting odds.

The NFL Draft is upon us and this particular year is shaping up to bring us an extremely entertaining one. Naturally, with such an exciting draft there will be plenty of betting at land-based and online sportsbooks in the United States, with punters having the widest choices for their picks.

Betting on NFL Draft

NFL Draft betting

• NFL Draft is just around the corner keeping punters busy

• Those wishing to bet on sports in the USA have lots of lines to choose from

• Betting can be done at both land-based and online bookies

Contemplating which team will make the right decision, and which not so much is entertaining, no doubt about that. But this is not the main reason most of us are interested. Wagering on Draft has become a big business under American gambling laws, and there are lots of punters following the preparation to the Draft, looking to gain competitive advantage and beat the bookies.

Let’s take a closer look at the most interesting possibilities of wagering on NFL Draft this year and the stories leading up to it.

Jadeveon Clowney affair

Perhaps one of the biggest questions this year is where the defensive end Jadeveon Clowney will end up playing. The odds on him going number one overall were 1/2 last week, but have already dropped to 1/5 by now.

The betting lines indicate that the Houston Texans are seriously considering picking Clowney. It’s not a bad choice, and considering that he might line up with JJ Watt, it will create a devastating line. While this is a pretty safe bet, the odds are very very short, and in case it doesn’t come through, the loss can be pretty painful. The odds on Clowney not being drafted first are 3/1.

Over/Under betting

This year, the Overs/Unders lines will be big. Most punters are choosing the number of quarterbacks taken in the first round as their betting market. That number has been set at three at the bookies, which is not what most punters wanted The majority of the latest mock drafts say that only Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles will be drafted in the first round.

However, it doesn’t consider the potential trades, shaking up the draft order, and allowing say Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr to make it into the first 32 picks. While it is widely expected to stay at three, betting on Under could provide a much nicer payout.

Who will be drafted first

This particular prop offer is one of the favorites among a wide variety of those wishing to bet on sports in the United States. This year in particular bettors have a long list of options to choose from. Naturally, the most probable candidates are the two quarterbacks we’ve already mentioned: Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles.

It looks like Manziel has better odds: 2/3 compared to a line of 11/10 for Bortles. However, there’s a small complication, namely Cleveland and their fourth pick overall. They love Manziel and in case they choose to keep their pick, then the quarterback will become a Brown come weekend. There’s of course the possibility they will trade the pick.

The odds for the other two quarterbacks, Carr and Bridgewater, are grouped together. But Carr is still the favorite to get picked first at 5/7 odds, while Bridgewater gets evens.

Another group Who will be drafted first prop is comprised of Khalil Mack linebacker and Sammy Watkins receiver. Not so long ago everyone was talking about Mack as a potential number one pick, but once Clowney rushed to the scene, those discussions have subsided.

Nonetheless, Mack still got a line of 1/2 to be chosen before Watkins with his 3/2 odds. Something to note here, these two can be off the board as soon as top 10 is completed, so punters looking to find out the results of their bets earlier than the rest should pick this prop.

More peculiar betting props

While the above-mentioned betting offers are widely expected to be chosen by the majority of punters, there are some “dark horses” as well. One of such unusual bets is Michael Sam’s draft position. The Missouri defensive end has come out of the closet a couple of months ago, and now few people expect his to be taken during the first day of the Draft. Actually his position is estimated at 125.5. Providing a hefty 2/5 odds on Overs, and an even more so on Unders – 7/4.

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