Nico Rosberg 2015 Form Resembles Last Year’s

Nico Rosberg on the podium

Only two races left for this summer, and those will determine who will start the last phase of the Formula One season from first place.

Nico Rosberg finished the first half of the European season in great form by winning his third race out of the last four when scored a victory at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, somehow stunning many of those who bet on sports in the UK. This time he only needed to make a better start than his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, who prepared to enjoy the benefits of the pole position. However after reaching the first corner in first place, Rosberg only had to maintain his usual pace to keep Hamilton behind him and to see the chequered flag first.

• Rosberg copies last year’s form
• Alonso crash hurt McLaren plans
• Horner: Ross Brawn should write the rules

Twelve months ago Rosberg gained some momentum after winning in Monaco and in Austria, and now he is in great form again, after winning the same events and having reduced the gap behind Hamilton to 10 points. At the start of the year, it looked that Hamilton, the reigning champion was superior to his teammate regarding pace and mental strength too, however Rosberg, came back to fight for the championship once again.

Hamilton or Rosberg?

Before the start of the season, Hamilton was the top favourite to win this year’s title and he still is according to betting sites with cashout, despite the fact that the race for the championship seems to be as open as ever. However, with the current testing, Mercedes is preparing for two summer venues where Hamilton is a multiple winner, and where Rosberg has only one victory altogether.

This is not uncommon when comparing the careers of the two, however it seems that Rosberg’s form closely follows last year’s pattern and according to that he is seriously hurt by the removal of his home race from the calendar as he scored his penultimate victory last year in Germany. The next two races will determine who will start from the front in the fall. Last year Hamilton, starting from behind Rosberg, was instrumental in that phase after switched to terminator mode following his crash with Rosberg in Belgium.

Austrian GP 2015 Alonso crash

Raikkonen committed serious industrial sabotage on the prototype McLaren on Sunday

However this time both of them have the experience of battling against the other and both of them look way cooler and relaxed than in the heat of the campaign last year. Sadly, the races are usually also more settled this year, but this should not discourage us from placing bets on the events at online sportsbooks in the UK, as our stake in the sport might help us to stay awake during the races.

F1 is back to testing

So, after the first eight rounds of the year the teams participating in the last in season test of the year in Austria. With the German Grand Prix deleted from this year’s calendar, there are only two races, the British and the Hungarian GP in the next two months, so the teams can prepare for those events properly and might as well get some data regarding the developments for the races in the second half of the season.

McLaren suffered a lot from the first lap crash that involved Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso on Sunday. The Woking-based team brought a major aerodynamic update package to Austria, however the factory provided components for one car only, and that was Alonso’s vehicle. The new stuff damaged so heavily in the crash that McLaren cannot test all of it this week. In Spielberg the two-time Spanish world champion and the 23-year-old Belgian GP2 driver, Stoffel Vandoorne will sit in the cockpit.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull tem principal – or for others, Geri Halliwell’s husband – expressed this week that the FIA should let Honda and Renault to revise their engines to reach an output similar to the ones that the Mercedes and Ferrari power units deliver. He argued that Formula One needs Honda and Renault and the series shouldn’t embarrass those manufacturers with seriously limiting their performances. The McLaren-Honda drivers, Alonso and Jenson Button and the Red Bull-Renault drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat were all handed grid penalties after their respective teams opted to fit the fifth engine of the year in their cars for the Austrian GP.

Gambling news reported that Horner, who also denied that his job was in danger, suggested that an independent expert, like former Ferrari and Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn should rewrite the rules of Formula One to create a more attracting series, as the show now is far from the excitement it presented before. Horner is right, since Formula One is boring, audience declines every year, and the series is not far from another threat towards its existence.

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