North and South Koreans to Unite at a Blackjack Table

North Korea is hoping to attract millions of casino players not fearing occasional shots zipping through the air.

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Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) dividing both Koreas, is a no-go land strip unless you’re a tourist willing to sneak into a tunnel underneath with a guide.

While scores of innocent by-standers got shot before by North Korean border guards going lunatic, a casino resort is being reactivated in the zone.

As gambling is still not a favored activity under South Korean gambling laws, the North Korean regime continues to seek hard currency as the Marxist state can’t produce anything the Western markets would want to buy.

To attract foreign casino players, North Korea is using an American company to bring gamblers to its resort in Mount Geumgang. As local sources indicated to online gambling news in South Korea, the casino resort has been closed to South Korean gamblers when a tourist was shot dead on a beach near the casino. This event, as well as others, delayed the hopes of further reunification.

It is not clear yet how the North Korean government is going to regain the trust in the eyes of its southern neighbor. The current bizarre plans hope for attracting… American casino table games and slot machine players to the hermit nation. The potential is there as nearly 2 million visitors from South Korea went to the zone prior to the shot that took the life of one tourist.

As rumored, North Korean gambling plans also include mobile betting casinos in the case the gamblers will not want to attend a poker tournament in fear of machine gun wielding troops still living in a long-gone era going back to 1950s.

What will happen with casino gambling in the north is not finalized since both Koreas are still officially at war. However, for adventure seeking punters, a trip to the north could be something a risk taking blackjack champion may want to experience.

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