Mobile Gambling Solution From A Russian Software Company

A new contender on the mobile gambling technology scene – the Russian software developer Enterra

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A Russian gambling software developer, Enterra, is entering the software market for mobile casinos with a versatile mobile poker solution.

Current Russian gambling laws don’t allow any gambling in the country except for highly remote “gambling zones”, so the new company is targeting foreign operators with its unique product.

Russian gambling news report that the Enterra Poker system is enhanced with a mobile gambling client, offering a wide selection of popular poker genres along with a tournament type choice and player interaction capabilities.

The new mobile product is extremely versatile: it can be used on desktop computers, notebooks, tablet PCs, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows powered mobile devices as well.

The company states that the new mobile gambling product doesn’t need Flash, Silverlight or any other technologies except for HTML to function properly in any internet browser.

The company spokesman told the media: “Enterra Poker Mobile is built using the latest HTML5 platform and is available in pure HTML5 and PhoneGap variants in a highly customizable package.”

He went on to add: “You purchase Enterra Poker software without any royalties or post-sale fees. As game producers we are open to discuss different purchase schemes with you. Once you buy a license for one server installation you will be able to independently run the software on your own server.”

The company already offers a demo version at in the iTunes store. The product is currently also being used on the social networking market on Facebook via Glamble Poker.

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