Novelty Bet For Fans Of Chris Martin & Co? Crazy….

Posted: March 8, 2016

Updated: March 8, 2016

Amongst novelty bets there are some that are so weirdly specific that you have to wonder who is wagering on them, but I suppose if you’re a fan of Chris and the modern beat combo that is Coldplay perhaps this offer from Betfair is for you.

Coldplay Hot Tips at Betfair

  • Head Full Of Dreams 4/5
  • Viva La Vida 3/1
  • Adventure Of A Lifetime 4/1
  • Clocks 12/1

Those of us that have, over the many years, shivered in the far flung fields of the festival scene, who have lived under canvas on veggie burgers and watched people who can dress themselves actually buy dream-catchers, who have waited for bands that were too drunk to play, or in vain for those that didn’t show at all, perhaps this is how to hedge your bets this summer, even if it is just taking advantage of the sensible UK gambling laws to place a novelty bet.

Betfair is offering a book on which song Coldplay will launch into as they take to the stage at this year’s Glastonbury festival. Yes, that’s right: Betfair are giving you the best novelty bet ever if you’re a fan of Chris Martin and friends! The question is, can you name three or four of their songs? Naturally the vast majority of a modern festival crowd probably can, and then sing along, but which will it be?

Glastonbury Festival’s Novelty Bet

Well Betfair are pretty sure it’ll be “Head Full Of Dreams” and are giving that 4/5 to be what hits the audience first, but this is Glastonbury where the unexpected is never more than a naked-hippy-doing-yoga-and-chanting-outside-your-tent-as-the-sun-comes-up away. So will Coldplay surprise us with a different tune on a summer’s eve? What about Viva La Vida at 3/1?

It’s a nice number with a great beat to get a crowd’s feet moving and if the weather has been unkind this could be their choice of opening on the night. Of course if the English summer has been kind it could be the more audience-participation ready Adventure Of A Lifetime that could sneak it, and at 4/1 may be worth a punt, especially after you see the price of toilet roll on day four of the festi.

Beyond that classics like Clocks get 12/1 with Hurts Like Heaven getting 14/1 at Betfair, but perhaps they are all a novelty bet too far, still, a few quid on the right song could put a smile on your face as you sway to beats of Coldplay at Glastonbury this summer…..naturally that might not make up for the outrageous prices charged for tickets these days, but akin to when you place a bet on sports in the UK that are then rained off you could at least claw some of your bankroll back with this novelty bet even if the weather doesn’t play nice, and in England it so rarely does.

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